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Before contacting the ESAA, please check the list of frequently asked questions (click the buttons on the left) which has the answers to many of the common questions submitted to us in the last 10 years.

In particular, if you are a student and want information to help with course work, please don't use this contact page - we're sorry but we simply don't have the resources to reply to hundreds of mails asking for information - all we have is already on this website.

We will only respond to queries generated from this form, any other mail sent to domain addresses will be automatically deleted - we won't even know you sent it!

We try to reply to queries within a few hours. If you do not receive a reply within a day or so, please re-submit your query but check that you have entered your email address correctly - we regularly get mail returned as undeliverable because the address given is incorrect.

The ESAA spreads the considerable administrative load across as many staff as possible, and operates where possible on a County and Regional basis. Many factual general queries can be answered very quickly by the website host, but others may need to be passed on to your local representatives in order to get a reply tailored to your local area. Thus, in order to facilitate a more speedy answer, it would help if you tell us in which Town or County you are based.

If you are a teacher contacting us about accessing the website - please understand that we cannot give out password information to just anyone who asks. Please supply sufficient information for us to be able to identify you, your school, and which competition you are relating to.


...before contacting us please check if your query is in this list...
  1. When will XXX be published?
  2. Where can I find details of XXX?
The answer to both points can be found in the FAQs pages.

we can only deal with queries originating from England

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