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Anti-Doping Policy

The ESAA operate under the rules of British Athletics and the IAAF, therefore athletes taking part in any ESAA competition are subject to the same regime of random drug testing and sanctions as anyone else in the sport. It is a condition of entry into events that athletes (with the consent of parents/guardians) agree to subject themselves to these rules.

Testing is under the control of the independent National testing body and the ESAA have no control over what they do. The ESAA provide facilities at events for drugs testing to take place when asked to do so by the testing body, and many athletes have already been tested at ESAA National Championships.

Thankfully, in the many years that testing has been done at ESAA events, only one positive result has been detected. Further investigations discovered that the result was caused by a rare cancer in an athlete which would in fact have proved fatal within months had the drugs test not discovered the anomaly.

The ESAA continues to stress their complete disapproval of the use of any substance designed to gain unfair advantage in the sport.

Further information about the drugs testing regime can be found at

Over-The-Counter Medicines

Just because you can buy a medicine at a supermarket or pharmacy does not mean that it does not contain substances which are prohibited for use by athletes.

By far the easiest and quickest way to check all medications, including such things like travel sickness pills, is by using - simply enter a few details about the Sport in question and which country the medication was purchased in and you can then search against the Prohibited List, either by brand name or individual ingredient.

The British Athletics website gives further information

Food Supplements and Herbal Remedies

Please note that herbal travel sickness remedies such as 'Travella' cannot be checked using GlobalDRO as these are classed as supplements. As the manufacture of supplements is not regulated in the same way as medications, there is never a 100% guarantee that they are free from prohibited substances and great care should be taken.

More information on supplements can be found at