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ESAA Copyright

Copyright to all website text and images, and to all images of ESAA events taken by others rests with the ESAA or those specifically named on relevant pages. Reproduction of anything on the ESAA website is not allowed without explicit permission from the named copyright holders.

No-one has any right to bring onto any site which the ESAA pays to use, any advertising material which promotes themselves, their business, or the business of anyone else to whom they are connected, without paying the ESAA for the right to advertise at the rates determined by the ESAA.

Images taken at ESAA events may be used only subject to the following conditions:

  • Images taken from public areas for the use of private individuals within their family environment may be published within their own social media channels, provided that all such images contain a traceable family member. The effect of this condition is that no-one can publish general images of children where there is no family connection to anyone in the image without specific permission being granted by the ESAA, any such permission will only be granted to carefully vetted people.
  • Anyone wishing to publish images which fall outside of the definition defined above must obtain official accreditation from the ESAA, and must abide by the conditions imposed by the ESAA. These conditions require that officially accredited people MUST wear our official bib which identifies them as being officially accredited, and that the issued bib must remain visible to the public at all times. Anyone failing to abide by our written and verbal conditions will have their accreditation cancelled and any and all previously published images must be immediately removed from public view.
  • Under all circumstances, the ESAA retains the right to demand that any image which causes concern to the ESAA or to anyone appearing in that image be removed from public view, without any obligation for the ESAA to disclose the reason for our concern. The ESAA is a school based organisation and the protection of children is of paramount concern.
  • It is a condition of official accreditation that the accredited person will comply with all directions given to them by ESAA officials. Failure to comply with instructions will result in immediate cancellation of accreditation.
  • Official accreditation is not an Access All Areas Pass - in particular, accreditation does not imply the right to encroach within designated course boundaries.
  • Anyone using any email address, postal address, or any other identifiable contact facility found on the ESAA website, or any speculatively generated email address based on the ESAA domain name, for any spam distribution, marketing, or any other unsolicited contact not directly concerning the ESAA will accept our terms that any such contact will be liable to our charge of 1000 per message received, plus a further 10,000 for any further message received after having been told to desist.

  • Anyone failing to comply with these conditions will become liable to an immediate one-off charge of 1000. Anyone subsequently failing to comply with our requests to delete images will become liable to a charge of 1000 per day for each and every image that they fail to delete.