ESAA Constitution

  1. Name The Association shall be called "The English Schools' Athletic Association".

  2. The objects of the Association are the advancement of the moral and physical welfare and development of school pupils through the medium of Athletics and as ancillary thereto
    1. The formation of expert opinion on the suitability of athletic events and methods of organisation, and the dissemination of this information.
    2. The organisation of annual cross country championships.
    3. The organisation of annual track and field championships.
    4. The organisation of annual race walking championships.
    5. The organisation of annual combined event championships.
    6. The organisation of such other athletic events as may from time to time seem desirable.

  3. Eligibility for Affiliation County schools athletic associations in England shall be eligible for affiliation to the Association, subject to the approval of the General Committee. Individual schools and educational establishments shall affiliate only by means of the appropriate county athletic association, as indicated in the current rules of the Association, and the geographical situation of individual schools and recognised educational establishments shall govern such affiliation. The General Committee shall decide all questions arising from affiliation, and consequent eligibility.

  4. Affiliation Fee The affiliation fees shall be determined by the General Committee and is due on 1st January of the current year. Entries for the Association Championships shall not be accepted from counties whose affiliation fee for the current year is unpaid.

  5. Council The policy of the Association shall be determined by the Council which shall consist of the General Committee and three representatives (at least one of whom shall be a woman, and at least one shall be a man, who are, or have been, actively and professionally engaged in the education service of that county) nominated by each affiliated county association.

  6. General Committee
    1. The General Committee shall consist of:-
      1. The Officers who shall be:-
        1. The Chairman and the Ex-Chairman, who shall be appointed at the Annual Council Meeting.
        2. The Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, who shall be elected by ballot prior to the Annual Council Meeting from nominations, received from Affiliated County Associations or members of General Committee. When there are three or more candidates for any of these posts, to be successful in the first ballot a candidate must receive more than 50% of the valid votes cast. Where this fails to produce a result a second ballot will be held with only the two leading candidates from the first ballot included. A simply majority will then determine the result. The Vice-Chairman shall become Chairman the following year.
      2. The active Vice Presidents, i.e., Vice Presidents elected from Chairmen or holders of other Offices of the Association,
      3. Twenty four members, of whom at least eight shall be women and eight shall be men, to be elected by postal ballot prior to the Annual Council Meeting from nominees of the Affiliated County Associations. Each Affiliated County Association may nominate two persons who are, or who have been, qualified teachers. The Vice Chairman shall be deemed the nominee of his/her County Association during his/her year in office.
    2. The General Committee shall be responsible for the overseeing and co-ordination of all aspects of the work of the Association.
    3. The General Committee shall meet at least three times per year.
    4. The General Committee shall have the right to reject decisions taken by committees which affect the overall general interests of the Association. It will give due regard to the responsibilities vested in the committees as listed in Rule 7.1.
    5. A special meeting of the General Committee may be called as the Officers deem necessary or on the instruction of twelve General Committee members.
    6. Appeals against decisions shall be made only at the Annual Council Meeting or at a Special Council Meeting called for that purpose.

  7. Committees
    1. The undermentioned committees shall be established by the General Committee:-
      1. Education
      2. Combined Events and Race Walk
      3. Cross Country
      4. Development
      5. Finance
      6. Promotion
      7. Track and Field

    2. They shall comprise members of the General Committee with additional members as indicated below:-
      1. Education - to include the National and Regional Agents plus up to three active Primary School Teachers.
      2. Combined Events and Race Walk - to include the National and Regional Organisers.
      3. Cross Country - to include a non-voting representative from the A.A.A. of England.
      4. Development - to include a representative of the Education, Combined Events and Race Walk, Cross Country, and Track and Field Committees, plus non-voting representation from the A.A.A. of England.
      5. Track and Field - to include a non-voting representative from the A.A.A. of England.
    3. The General Committee shall have the power to invite other persons to attend, without voting rights, meetings of all committees.
    4. The above committees shall be responsible for the administration of their field of activity within the Association. They shall have management powers to take action on their decisions subject to the approval of the General Committee on issues which affect the finance and policies of the Association.
    5. All committees shall report back to the General Committee.
    6. The General Committee shall have the power to set up such other committees as are deemed necessary.
    7. Committee Chairmen shall be appointed by the Officers of the Association.
    8. The General and Finance Committee shall be serviced by the Honorary Secretary of the Association.
    9. Other Committee Secretaries shall be appointed by each committee from its membership.
    10. The Officers as defined in Rule 6.1 ai/aii above shall be ex-officio members of all committees.

  8. Annual Council Meeting
    1. An Annual Council Meeting will be held on the third Saturday in November.
    2. The business will be transacted and voted upon by Council Members as defined in Rule 5 in the following order:-
      1. Minutes.
      2. Adoption of Standing Orders.
      3. Correspondence.
      4. Adoption of Annual Report.
      5. Adoption of Balance Sheet.
      6. Alteration of General and Competition Rules.
      7. Election of Officers, Vice Presidents and General Committee.
      8. Appointment of Auditors.
    3. Resolutions passed at a Council Meeting shall operate until at least the next Annual Council Meeting.
    4. Nominations for Officers and General Committee shall be received by the Honorary Secretary not later than 1st October. Notice of proposed alterations of General and Competition Rules shall be received by the Honorary Secretary not later than 15th October. Details of both nominations and proposed rule changes shall be in the hands of those eligible to attend the Annual Council Meeting under Rule 5 at least 14 days before the Council Meeting.

  9. Special Council Meeting
    1. A Special Council Meeting shall be called by the Hon. Secretary on the instruction of the General Committee or on receipt of a requisition of eight of the affiliated County Associations.
    2. Representatives at a Special Council Meeting shall be as per Rule 5.
    3. Fourteen days' notice of any Special Council Meeting and resolutions to be proposed thereat shall be given to all entitled to be present and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting.

  10. Finance
    1. All funds accruing from the activities of the Association and all trophies are the property of the Association.
    2. All cheques issued on behalf of the Association shall be signed by two of the authorised signatories as approved by the General Committee.
    3. A financial report shall be presented at each General Committee meeting.
    4. The financial year shall end on 31st March.
    5. The audited accounts and balance sheet shall be made available at the Annual Council Meeting and an abridged version of these accounts shall be circulated to all those entitled to attend.
    6. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, any assets remaining, after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, shall be transferred to a charitable organisation or organisations having objects similar to those of the Association.

  11. No alteration shall be made to these rules other than at the Annual Council Meeting or at a Special Council Meeting called for that purpose. No alteration shall be made which shall cause the Association to cease to be a Charity at law.

  12. The Officers of the Association, as defined in Rule 6.1 ai/aii above, shall have power to act for the Association in an emergency.