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These are in PDF documents. The full details can be printed up to A2 size if you have a big printer, but can also be printed on A4 landscape paper. The standards are extracts from the full details so that you can easily print them on A4 portrait paper.

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Key Details

This new Awards Scheme was launched in May 2021

The new scheme is now active and the Awards Calculator has been updated to match this scheme. More details will be published here shortly.

The new Awards Scheme is no longer age-related and instead it provides a steady progression of 9 award stages to cater for all ages from years 3 to 9. The scheme is flexible to allow teachers to adjust weights, select distances, hurdles heights and spacing, to suit the age and level of performers. Awards are for outdoor events only.

Awards are divided into 5 disciplines:

  • Sprints, Hurdles, Endurance, Jumps, and Throws
There are 9 stages of achievement:
  • 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold
  • Platinum, Elite, Podium
Badges are available for each stage in each discipline.

Please note that the previous calculator is now obsolete and the badges associated with the previous scheme are no longer available. However, the classes you may have previously set up are retained so you only need to enter your results into the new system - the new awards are then automatically calculated for you.

We've extended the calculator to allow clubs, other organisations, and non-English schools to register themselves too - at the moment it still refers to schools and classes, but you can use it for clubs and non-schools just as if you were a school.

Register to use the Calculator

To use the calculator, you need to register yourself via the menu button on the left - you simply select which school you are, and set an email address and password for yourself there. Once registered, you can log in via the menu button on the left to access all the features of the calculator.

Using the Calculator

The Awards Calculator allows you to set up any number of classes, and enter the names of pupils either by typing them, or pasting them from Excel or any text document. You then enter their results for each event they do. You can then print out results for display on notice boards. Results show the performance and award level achieved for each event. There are other useful features included and addition facilities will be added shortly.

Classes are initially owned by the teacher who creates the class so only that teacher can view and edit the class details, however classes can then also be shared with other teachers in your school who might also need access to manage results input and printing.

Ordering Badges

You need to order and pay for Award Badges online. Badges also include a certificate. The ESAA can no longer accept orders by post, payment MUST be made online using a credit or debit card.

Orders are set up from the award calculator program which does all the sums for you - you just need to tick which badges each pupil wants to order, then an order form for badges for all classes is automatically filled in for you. When you pay for your order by credit/debit card online, the order will be immediately emailed to a Badge Agent so that they can get your order posted to you as soon as possible. You will be provided with a VAT receipt when your payment is completed.

Badges cost £3.00 per badge, plus £2 postage up to 25 badges or £4 postage for more than 25 badges.

If you are NOT a school in England, you are still invited to use the Award Scheme - you can download all the details from the menu on the left.

Please direct any queries about the Awards Scheme to: