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For convenience, information is also available in PDF documents so that you can easily print on A4 paper.

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Key Details

  • Our old award scheme has been re-introduced, with major enhancements to maximise the use of online facilities, plus some extra changes.

  • There are two schemes: one for Primary Schools, one for Secondary Schools.

  • Schemes are for outdoor activities.

  • Primary Schools have 5 levels: 1, 2, Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Secondary Schools have 3 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • There is now an online calculator to help you manage your awards. You can keep track of the performances of each class, print event recording sheets, calculate awards, and print performance charts. Everything is done via the website so you don't need to download or install anything.

  • We've extended our calculator to allow clubs, other organisations, and non-English schools to register themselves too - at the moment it still refers to schools and classes, but you can use it for clubs and non-schools as if you were a school.

  • You can now order and pay for award badges and certificates online, or by post. Orders can be set up from the award calculator program - that will do all the sums for you and create an order form for you to print out. If you pay for your order by credit/debit card online, the order will be automatically emailed to the appropriate Badge Agent so that they can process it immediately.

  • Badges cost £2.00 per badge, plus £2 p&p up to 25 badges or £4 p&p over 25 badges.

  • If you are NOT a school in England, you are still invited to use the Award Scheme - you can download the details from the menu on the left. Orders for badges may need to be posted with a cheque, using the paper-based order form available from the menu on the left.
Available now

After much demand for the ESAA award scheme, with the support of British athletics and England athletics we have launched a revised scheme. This new scheme supercedes the previous Joint Awards Scheme which has been abandoned.

Packs giving details of the new scheme for 2014 were posted to over 25,000 Primary, Middle and Secondary school in England during the first two weeks of May. These free packs include glossy posters showing each activity, together with scoring tables to work out awards. The details are now also available online - click the buttons on the left.

The massive cost of these new packs means that we will not be able to send them out every year, so please look after them. You will however be able to order and pay for new packs online as you require them - further details will be available here soon.

We will be encouraging you to run the schemes using a new facility which is now available. This new calculator works on all devices via your web browser, and provides lots of facilities for you to manage your classes, input their results, print out charts of your pupils' performances, automatically calculate their awards, and automatically generate order forms for badges. You can order and pay for these online, or by BACs, or by cheque. However, online payments by credit/debit card will enable us to post your order much more quickly.

From 2018 we have centralised ordering badges so there is now just one contact point via the National Coordinator. We are no longer using the County Badge Agent system previously in place. The address below will be printed on your order form when you make your order online.

Mrs M O'Donnell
12 Elsworth Drive

Tel: 01204 592721