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These are in PDF documents. The full details can be printed up to A2 size if you have a big printer, but can also be printed on A4 landscape paper. The standards are extracts from the full details so that you can easily print them on A4 portrait paper.

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Converting from the previous scheme

Work is currently underway to enable results from the previous Awards Scheme to be transferred into the new scheme.
This is in the final stages of testing and is expected to be available by 14th June.

However, please note the following:

  • Results entered into the previous scheme may now be obsolete - the awards should be based on performances this season - the previous scheme did not keep track of when results were entered.

  • Not all results can be transferred from the previous scheme because there is either no corresponding event (eg. Ball or Vortex throw), or because the previous scheme simply defined 'Hurdles' without any specific distance.

  • Results from the previous scheme will not overwrite any results that have already been entered into the new scheme.

  • At the moment, whilst the transfer process is being evaluated it won't be available to use from your own menu - if you have a lot of previous results to transfer, please contact us using the button in the menu on the left and we will try to copy over the results for you. However, please don't ask for just a small numbers of results - this is a manual process which takes time for us to do, and we need to check the results afterwards.