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These are in PDF documents. The full details can be printed up to A2 size if you have a big printer, but can also be printed on A4 landscape paper. The standards are extracts from the full details so that you can easily print them on A4 portrait paper.

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Using the Calculator

The Awards Calculator has the following features:

  • Teachers register themselves to use the calculator
  • You can set up any number of classes - you might find it simpler to define classes of no more than 20 pupils so that inputting results is easier, and results can be printed neatly on A4 paper
  • Classes don't have to correspond to your actual classes in your school, perhaps split them into boys and girls
  • For each class, you can enter the names of pupils either by typing them, or pasting them from Excel or any text document
  • Classes are initially owned by the teacher who creates the class so only that teacher can view and edit the class details, however classes can then also be shared with other teachers in your school who might also need access to manage results input and printing
  • You can enter results for each event your pupils do, the badge level achieved is automatically shown
  • You can print out results for display on notice boards. Results show the performance and award level achieved for each event.
  • You can set up an order for badges from within the calculator, this records which pupils have ordered which badges so you know who to give them to when they arrive, and so that certificates can be printed corresponding to each badge

Ordering Badges

You need to order and pay for Award Badges online using the facilities in the Calculator.
Badges cost £3.00 per badge, plus £2 postage up to 25 badges or £4 postage for more than 25 badges.

The ESAA can no longer accept orders by post, payment MUST be made online using a credit or debit card.

The system for delivering badges has been changed from previous years.

We no longer have individual Badge Agents for each County. When you make your order online, it now immediately becomes visible to a number of Badge Agents, and any one of them will be able to pick it up and pack it as soon as possible. This means that Badge Agents are no longer confined to staying at home to receive orders by post, and can now process orders from where-ever they happen to be. At the end of summer term they can often be away from home officiating at athletics meetings, typically at the Track & Field Championships or the Track & Field Cup Final, or at Combined Events meetings. The new system introduces a great deal of flexibility which should result in orders being processed much more quickly than previously.

Orders are set up from the award calculator program which does all the sums for you - you just need to tick which badges each pupil wants to order, then an order form for badges for all classes is automatically filled in, ready for you to pay by card.

When a Badge Agent posts your order, you'll be sent an email to let you know it is on the way. That email will contain the contact details of the Badge Agent who posted it.


When you order badges, each pupils' achievements are saved ready to print certificates. These can then be printed either by the teacher who made the order, or details can be passed on to parents so that they can print them at home.

To simplify the management of certificates and save teachers' time, teachers are supplied with details of how print certificates which can then be given to parents so they can print certificates themselves. Details are printed on A4 paper, 8 pupils per sheet, ready to be cut up and given to each pupil. Each paper slip contains instructions for accessing the website, together with a unique access code for each pupil.

Certificates come in 2 formats:

  • One certificate contains details of the best performance in each of the 5 event groups: Sprints, Hurdles, Endurance, Jumps, and Throws, listing the best event and corresponding award standard

  • You can also print a separate certificate for each event group if you wish
When you access the website using the code given to you, you'll be presented with each of the above options so you can choose how many certificates you want to print. Certificates are then downloaded as a PDF file.

This feature is currently still under development but it is hoped that it will be available by mid-June.