Organisation of Competitions

All administration is done online here. You need to log in via the Competition Progress button in the menu on the left to view all details about your competitions.

The First Round will be set up by your Regional Secretary and details will be posted online as soon as possible after entries close. This year the closing date is 15th September so arranging competitions at such short notice will be particularly difficult. Depending on local circumstances, this might not happen until the start of October.

All results will be displayed on the website shortly after each event. A computer program is available to competition organisers to enable full results to be quickly processed and automatically uploaded to the website.

Before each round

Details of venues and participating teams for each round will be posted here for you to view when you log in. Team numbers will be allocated by the Regional Secretary. Details will also be emailed to you, but we have no control over whether emails get blocked by your school or Internet Service Provider so you need to log in regularly to ensure you have all the relevant information.

You need to declare your team online a couple of days before each event - this is done by simply ticking your selected athletes and reserves from the squad lists you have previously entered, then printing the declaration form which will be displayed for you with your team selection. It is important that you declare and save your team online before each round even if it is the same as the previous round. This is so that your selected athletes get allocated the right number for that round so that they appear correctly in the results.

It is also important that you nominate reserves so that their names become available in the results program. In particular, for the Cup Final, only those nominated reserves will be allowed as substitutes and we need the names to be listed in the printed programme.

You should take a copy of the completed declaration form to each round, to give to the event organiser. You can write on any last minute changes before handing it in. Numbers for the Preliminary Round, and Regional Finals must be printed from the website and copied onto card. Click the Print Your Numbers button on the left to access files containing your allocated numbers.

Numbers for the Cup Final will be supplied by the ESAA.

Regional Finals : Saturday 13th November 2021

Details of the Regional Finals will be posted on the website shortly after all the preliminary rounds have been completed, these details will show the numbers which have been allocated to your teams. A declaration form should be completed online and taken to the Regional Final as above. You need to re-declare your team online a day or two before the Regional Final so that your athletes get allocated the correct numbers for the results program to use. Numbers for the Regional Final must be printed from the website as for the First Round.

Cup Final : Saturday 4th December 2021

Newquay Tretherras School, Newquay, Cornwall

Details of the Cup Final will be posted on the website on the evening of Sunday 14th November. Finalists then need to re-declare their teams online as for earlier rounds, these must be declared by 9am on Thursday 18th November so that they appear in the Cup Final event programme.


If you need any help using the online facilities, you can always send a message to Joe Lee, the website host, by clicking the Contact the ESAA button on the left here. Queries about the Rules, Matches, Venues etc. should be addressed to Dave Paver at


Results for all competitions are produced by a computer program which has been specially written to interface directly with the website. This is why it is so important that you declare your teams online, your team declarations are automatically downloaded into the results program from the website and the results are then automatically uploaded to the website so that they appear for everyone to view and print. Results can be made available online within minutes of a race finishing. You can view results from previous years online. Click the Select a Year button at the top of this page.

Contact Details

Details of names, addresses, and phone numbers for Local Event Organisers, County, Regional, and National Secretaries can be found online once you have entered. When you log in, you are presented with a menu giving access to all the information you need.

For queries before you enter, contact


All rounds of this competition are covered by the ESAA Insurance Scheme.