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This year's event has had to be cancelled and was replaced with a Virtual Championships instead.

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As you know, the English Schools Committee had to cancel the 2021 championships.

Instead, we promoted a Virtual English Schools Cross Country Championships for this year. In brief, it required athletes to run a 2k course for Juniors,
or 5k course for Inters and Seniors, at a venue that preferably already had a measured course where possible.
Measured Park Run courses were ideal for this but were not essential. Consequently courses run by athletes could have been in parks,
over school playing fields, in country fields, or perhaps on paved footpaths.

Runs were completed between 15th and 28th March 2021 so the weather would have been very variable.

To comply with Covid-19 restrictions, runs were done individually, not in groups, and thus racing between
athletes was not permitted so effectively each run was a personal time-trial.
Athletes' performances were verified by teachers or coaches and submitted online.

Because of the large number of variables between courses, distances, and weather, results published here can
in no way been deemed to be definitively accurate, and direct comparisons between athletes therefore cannot
be made. The event was held entirely for fun, and to simply give athletes a chance to take part after having been
cooped up inside for too long.

Results here list the top 10 individuals in each age group, and a 'team' competition computed by sorting submitted
results into time order, then adding the 'positions' of the first 6 in each County (or first 4 for Seniors).

top 10 and teams

Full listings of all participants are below, Juniors are 2000m, Intermediate and Seniors are 5000m. These listings
do not include results which were submitted with the wrong distance for the relevant age group, and some
results which were submitted with times which appear to be incorrect for the declared distances.

Junior Boys    Intermediate Boys    Senior Boys

Junior Girls    Intermediate Girls    Senior Girls

Athletes can download a certificate of their performance. You need to wait
to receive an email giving you an access code: