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Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Kent777 pts
2Surrey1168 pts
3Sussex1305 pts
4Hampshire and Vectis1554 pts
5Middlesex1705 pts
6London1876 pts
7Essex1976 pts
8Hertfordshire2084 pts
9Berkshire2377 pts
10Greater Manchester2555 pts
11West Midlands2711 pts

Coventry Trophy
1Devon1570 pts
2North Yorkshire1862 pts
3Lancashire1920 pts
4Derbyshire1989 pts
5Cheshire2092 pts
6Buckinghamshire2193 pts
7West Yorkshire2255 pts
8Leicestershire & Rutland2278 pts
9Avon2297 pts
10South Yorkshire2843 pts
11Staffordshire3515 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Suffolk1583 pts
2Cambridgeshire1912 pts
3Norfolk2428 pts
4Dorset2672 pts
5Somerset3099 pts
6Lincolnshire3110 pts
7Oxfordshire3136 pts
8Durham3151 pts
9Wiltshire3382 pts
10Gloucestershire3398 pts
11Bedfordshire3524 pts

Group D
1Northumberland1673 pts
2Cumbria2327 pts
3Hereford & Worcestershire2659 pts
4Cornwall3165 pts
5Northamptonshire3415 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1Surrey918 pts
2London1267 pts
3Essex1323 pts
4Kent1356 pts
5Berkshire1667 pts
6Hampshire and Vectis1696 pts
7Sussex1867 pts
8Hertfordshire2326 pts
9Middlesex2620 pts
10Greater Manchester2753 pts
11West Midlands3436 pts

Durham Trophy
1Cheshire1387 pts
2South Yorkshire1445 pts
3North Yorkshire1922 pts
4Lancashire2042 pts
5Buckinghamshire2113 pts
6Devon2142 pts
7Leicestershire & Rutland2278 pts
8West Yorkshire2370 pts
9Nottinghamshire2445 pts
10Avon2449 pts
11Merseyside3321 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Durham1627 pts
2Gloucestershire2482 pts
3Norfolk2536 pts
4Somerset2582 pts
5Lincolnshire2967 pts
6Dorset3045 pts
7Suffolk3078 pts
8Wiltshire3134 pts
9Cambridgeshire3317 pts
10Warwickshire3507 pts
11Bedfordshire4238 pts

Nottinghamshire Trophy
1Cumbria2390 pts
2Northumberland2729 pts
3Northamptonshire3561 pts
4Hereford & Worcestershire3677 pts