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Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Surrey620 pts
2Kent995 pts
3Hampshire and Vectis1259 pts
4Sussex1746 pts
5Hertfordshire1791 pts
6London2105 pts
7Essex2111 pts
8Middlesex2572 pts
9Greater Manchester2609 pts
10West Midlands4038 pts

Coventry Trophy
1North Yorkshire933 pts
2Lancashire1486 pts
3Cheshire1868 pts
4Devon1869 pts
5Buckinghamshire2090 pts
6Derbyshire2139 pts
7Avon2333 pts
8West Yorkshire2400 pts
9South Yorkshire2591 pts
10Leicestershire & Rutland2849 pts
11Staffordshire3322 pts
12Merseyside3343 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Suffolk1991 pts
2Norfolk2203 pts
2Somerset2203 pts
4Cambridgeshire2355 pts
5Durham2714 pts
6Dorset3120 pts
7Lincolnshire3239 pts
8Bedfordshire3476 pts
9Oxfordshire3507 pts
10Wiltshire3522 pts
11Gloucestershire4055 pts
12Humberside4336 pts

Group D
1Northumberland1317 pts
2Cumbria2572 pts
3Northamptonshire2844 pts
4Cornwall2912 pts
5Hereford & Worcestershire3694 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1London891 pts
2Hampshire and Vectis1173 pts
3Essex1195 pts
4Kent1241 pts
5Surrey1298 pts
6Berkshire1527 pts
7Sussex1739 pts
8Greater Manchester2017 pts
9Hertfordshire2353 pts
10Middlesex2510 pts
11West Midlands3579 pts

Durham Trophy
1Cheshire1667 pts
2Leicestershire & Rutland1877 pts
3North Yorkshire1997 pts
4Merseyside2074 pts
5South Yorkshire2090 pts
6West Yorkshire2179 pts
7Avon2407 pts
8Buckinghamshire2573 pts
9Derbyshire2696 pts
10Staffordshire2736 pts
11Lancashire2836 pts
12Devon3014 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Durham1850 pts
2Suffolk2194 pts
3Dorset2222 pts
4Norfolk2432 pts
5Somerset2700 pts
6Gloucestershire2760 pts
7Wiltshire2792 pts
8Cambridgeshire2857 pts
9Lincolnshire3249 pts
10Warwickshire4052 pts

Nottinghamshire Trophy
1Cumbria2250 pts
2Northumberland2787 pts
3Northamptonshire3261 pts
4Hereford & Worcestershire3432 pts
5Shropshire3622 pts
6Cleveland4674 pts