Track & Field Cup 2018

Round 1 : Cornwall Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1336Penrice Academy, St Austell
2271Richard Lander School, Truro
3233Truro School, Truro
4210Penryn College, Penryn
5196Penair School, Truro
6194Mounts Bay Academy, Penzance
7190Cape Cornwall School, Penzance
8180Newquay Tretherras, Newquay
9166Wadebridge School, Wadebridge
10164Pool Academy, Redruth
11145Redruth School, Redruth
12122St Ives School, St Ives
13117Bodmin College, Bodmin
14111Liskeard School and Community College, Liskeard
1577Camborne Science and International Academy, Camborne

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1308Richard Lander School, Truro
2305Penair School, Truro
3284Penryn College, Penryn
4264Penrice Academy, St Austell
5252Truro School, Truro
6245Wadebridge School, Wadebridge
7244Newquay Tretherras, Newquay
8230Mounts Bay Academy, Penzance
9193Pool Academy, Redruth
10190Bodmin College, Bodmin
11160Liskeard School and Community College, Liskeard
12131Redruth School, Redruth
13109St Ives School, St Ives
14106Cape Cornwall School, Penzance
1566Camborne Science and International Academy, Camborne

Junior Girls

Competition 2
1298Richard Lander School, Truro
2264Penrice Academy, St Austell
3260Truro High School, Truro
4254Mounts Bay Academy, Penzance
5251Penryn College, Penryn
6240Bodmin College, Bodmin
7239Truro School, Truro
8236Newquay Tretherras, Newquay
9214Helston Community College, Helston
10211Wadebridge School, Wadebridge
11204Penair School, Truro
12198St Ives School, St Ives
13181Pool Academy, Redruth
14151Camborne Science and International Academy, Camborne
15142Liskeard School and Community College, Liskeard
16127Cape Cornwall School, Penzance
17111Redruth School, Redruth

Inter Girls

Competition 2
1298Helston Community College, Helston
2288Richard Lander School, Truro
3285Truro School, Truro
4244Truro High School, Truro
5220Penair School, Truro
6219Wadebridge School, Wadebridge
7213Penryn College, Penryn
8212Penrice Academy, St Austell
9201Mounts Bay Academy, Penzance
10167Bodmin College, Bodmin
11143Newquay Tretherras, Newquay
12141St Ives School, St Ives
13137Liskeard School and Community College, Liskeard
14127Redruth School, Redruth
15120Pool Academy, Redruth
1689Cape Cornwall School, Penzance
1735Camborne Science and International Academy, Camborne