Track & Field Cup 2015

Round 1 : Bedfordshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1418Robert Bloomfield Middle School, Shefford
2357Margaret Beaufort Middle School, Bedford
3326Lincroft Middle School, Bedford
4262Bedford Modern School, Bedford

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1434Samuel Whitbread Academy, Shefford
2297Bedford Modern School, Bedford
3295Redborne Upper School and Community College, Bedford
4289Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard
5268Hastingsbury Business & Enterprise College, Bedford
6264Sandy Upper School, Sandy
7258Biddenham Upper School and Sports College, Bedford

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1359Robert Bloomfield Middle School, Shefford
2343Bedford Girls' School, Bedford
3313Lincroft Middle School, Bedford
4249Bedford Modern School, Bedford
5223Margaret Beaufort Middle School, Bedford

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1316Samuel Whitbread Academy, Shefford
2275Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard
3256Bedford Girls' School, Bedford
4197Biddenham Upper School and Sports College, Bedford
5171Redborne Upper School and Community College, Bedford
6165Bedford Modern School, Bedford
7163Sandy Upper School, Sandy
8130Hastingsbury Business & Enterprise College, Bedford