Track & Field Cup 2013

Round 1 : Lincolnshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1298Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
2287The Boston Grammar School, Boston
3285Spalding Grammar School, Spalding
4216University Academy Holbeach, Spalding
5174Haven High Academy, Boston
6167The Giles Academy, Boston
7126Middlecott School, Boston
892Sir John Gleed School, Spalding
Competition 2
1311The Priory LSST, Lincoln
2282St George's Academy, Sleaford
3263North Kesteven School, Lincoln
4247Caistor Grammar School, Caistor

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1405Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
2354Haven High Academy, Boston
3304University Academy Holbeach, Spalding
4301Spalding Grammar School, Spalding
5291Middlecott School, Boston
6276Bourne Academy, Bourne
7227The Boston Grammar School, Boston
8226The Giles Academy, Boston
9185Sir John Gleed School, Spalding
Competition 2
1446North Kesteven School, Lincoln
2383St George's Academy, Sleaford
3351Caistor Grammar School, Caistor
4321Market Rasen De Aston School, Market Rasen
5287Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln
6282Caistor Yarborough Academy, Market Rasen
7223The Priory LSST, Lincoln

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1321Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
2265Spalding High School, Spalding
3172Stamford High School for Girls, Stamford
4130Haven High Academy, Boston
5120University Academy Holbeach, Spalding
6113Sir John Gleed School, Spalding
795The Giles Academy, Boston
795Middlecott School, Boston
Competition 2
1262The Priory LSST, Lincoln
2255St George's Academy, Sleaford
3232North Kesteven School, Lincoln
4211Caistor Grammar School, Caistor
5192Grantham The Walton Girls' High School, Grantham
6175Caistor Yarborough Academy, Market Rasen

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1238Spalding High School, Spalding
2232Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
3139University Academy Holbeach, Spalding
4132Stamford High School for Girls, Stamford
584Sir John Gleed School, Spalding
681Middlecott School, Boston
772The Giles Academy, Boston
852Haven High Academy, Boston
Competition 2
1310The Priory LSST, Lincoln
2302Caistor Grammar School, Caistor
3254St George's Academy, Sleaford
4193Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln
5167North Kesteven School, Lincoln
6166Grantham The Walton Girls' High School, Grantham
7145Caistor Yarborough Academy, Market Rasen