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Results in Various Formats

This facility is no longer supported by ESAA.

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This section is optimised to give quick access to results
using mobile phones. You only need to download the result
you are interested in, without having to download everything!

This not only makes it quicker for you, it makes it quicker
for everyone else because the amount of data that we need to
transmit is so much less.

More results in A4 and A5 PDF format will be added
later on Monday, together with images of the field cards.

Photos will start to appear on Tuesday or Wednesday, and will
gradually expand as time permits.

  • JB = Junior Boys
  • IB = Intermediate Boys
  • SB = Senior Boys
  • JG = Junior Girls
  • IG = Intermediate Girls
  • SG = Senior Girls
  • R1 = First round
  • R2 = Second round
  • SF = Semi-Final
  • F = Final
Links to results will be added automatically as results are
sent to the website during the course of the event.

Of course, everything depends on us having a reliable
internet connection!