The British Olympic Team 2008

This list shows how the British Olympic Athletics Team progressed through the English Schools' Athletic Association.

The list is not necessarily complete, and just gives a flavour of how important the ESAA was to them in their school years.

Virtually all our International Medallists over the years have progressed through the ESAA competitions: Roger Black, Steve Cram, Steve Ovett, Seb Coe, Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes, Jonathan Edwards, Daley Thompson, Dean Macey, the list is virtually endless.

Age Groups shown here are:

(Ages as at 31st August at the end of the current school year)

AthleteOlympic EventPerformances in ESAA Championships
Larry AchikeTriple Jump 1st TJ Junior Boys 1989, 1st TJ Intermediate Boys 1991, 1st TJ Senior Boys 1992, 1st TJ Senior Boys 1993.
Harry Aikines-Aryeety4 x 100m Relay5th in Junior Boys 100m heat, 2002. 3rd Inter Boys 100m, 2003.
Emma Ania4 x 100m Relay 1st 200m Junior Girls 1992, 1st 200m Intermediate Girls 1995.
Daniel AwdeDecathlon 1st Decathlon Senior Boys 2006.
Andy Baddeley1500m6th Inter Boys 1500m, 1998. 4th Senior Boys 1500m, 1999. 5th Senior Boys 1500m, 2000.
Vicki Barr4 x 400m Relay
Martyn BernardHigh Jump5th Junior Boys High Jump, 1999. 11th Inter Boys High Jump, . 1st Inter Boys High Jump, 2001.
Michael Bingham4 x 400m RelayEducated in the USA - did not go to school in England

Richard Buck (no 61)
4 x 400m Relay7th Junior Boys 400m Semi-Final, 2001. 7th Inter Boys 400m, 2002. 1st Inter Boys 400m, 2003. 1st Senior Boys 400m, 2005.
Sarah Claxton110m Hurdles2nd Inter Girls 100m, 1995. 1st LJ Intermediate Girls 1996, 1st LJ Senior Girls 1998, 1st LJ Senior Girls 1999.
Helen Clitheroe3000m Steeplechase
Natasha Danvers400m Hurdles1st Inter Girls 300mH, 1993. 1st 300m Hurdles Intermediate Girls 1993-94, 1st 100m Hurdles Senior Girls 1995.
Kate DennisonPole Vault1st Senior Girls Pole Vault, 2001.
Zoe DerhamHammer9th Inter Girls Discus, 1997. 8th Senior Girls Discus, 1999.
Marlon Devonish200m 1st 200m Senior Boys 1994, 1st 200m Senior Boys 1995.

Lisa Dobriskey (no 41)
1500m 5th 800m Junior Girls 1997, 1st 800m Junior Girls 1998, 4th Junior Girls Cross Country, 1998. 1st Inter Girls 800m, 1999. 1st Senior Girls 1500m, 2001.

Montell Douglas (no 41)
100m, 4 x 100m Relay17th Junior Girls High Jump 1999. 8th Junior Girls High Jump 2000. 2nd Inter Girls 100m, 2001. 1st Inter Girls 100m, 2002. 4th Senior Girls 100m, 2003.
Nathan DouglasTriple Jump1st Senior Boys Triple Jump 2001.
Tyrone Edgar100m, 4 x 100m Relay7th Senior Boys 100m, 1999. 1st Senior Boys 100m, 2000.
Mo Farah5000m1st Junior Boys 1500m, 1997. 1st Inter Boys 3000m, 1998. 2nd Inter Boys Cross Country, 1998. 1st Inter Boys 1500m, 1999. 1st Inter Boys Cross Country, 1999. 2nd Senior Boys 1500, 2001.
Rikki Fifton4 x 100m Relay2nd Junior Boys 100, 1999. 2nd Inter Boys 100, 2000. 3rd Inter Boys 100m, 2001. 2nd Inter Boys 100, 2002.
Donna Fraser4 x 400m Relay 1st 200m Junior Girls 1986-87, 1st 200m Intermediate Girls 1988-89, 1st 200m Senior Girls 1990-91.
Emily Freeman200m1st Senior Girls 100m, 1999.
Dale Garland4 x 400m Relay 4th TJ Senior Boys1998 5th Senior Boys Triple Jump, 1999.
Julie HollmanHeptathlon1st ESAA Senior Girls Javelin.
Phillips IdowuTriple Jump2nd Senior Boys Triple Jump, 1996, 1st TJ Senior Boys 1997.
Johanna Jackson20K Walk151st Junior Girls Cross Country, 1998. 149th Junior Girls Cross Country, 1999. 61st Inter Girls Cross Country, 2000. 3rd Senior Girls 5K Walk, 2002. 2nd Senior Girls 5K Walk, 2003. 65th Senior Girls Cross Country, 2003.
Jade JohnsonLong Jump 1st LJ IG 1995 1st Senior Girls Triple Jump, 1998
Jeanette Kwakye100m, 4 x 100m Relay1st Junior Girls 100m, 1997. 3rd Inter Girls 100m, 1998. 3rd Senior Girls 100m, 2001.

Tom Lancashire (no 31)
1500m32nd Junior Boys Cross Country, 1998. 11th Inter Boys 3000m, 2000. 8th Senior Boys Cross Country, 2002. 1st Senior Boys 1500m, 2003. 3rd Senior Boys Cross Country, 2003.
Andrew Lemoncello3000m SteeplechaseA Scottish Athlete - did not attend an English School

Steve Lewis
Pole Vault7th Junior Boys Pole Vault, 1999. 1st Junior Boys Pole Vault, 2000. 4th Inter Boys Pole Vault, 2001. 1st Inter Boys Pole Vault, 2002.
Christian Malcolm200mA Welsh Athlete - did not attend an English School
Germaine MasonHigh JumpDid not attend an English School
Lee McConnell4 x 400m Relay, 400mA Scottish Athlete - did not attend an English School
Jennifer Meadows800m 1st 800m Junior Girls 1995, 5th 300m Intermediate Girls 1997, 2nd 400m Senior Girls 1998, 5th Senior Girls 400m, 1999.
Alex Nelson200m1st Junior Boys 100m, 2002. 1st Inter Boys 100m, 2003. DNF Inter Boys 100m, 2004.

Ashlee Nelson
4 x 100m Relay1st Junior Girls 100m, 2004. 1st Junior Girls 100m, 2005. 1st Inter Girls 100m, 2006.
Christine Ohuruogu4 x 400m Relay, 400m
Marilyn Okoro800m6th Junior Girls 800m, 1999. 8th Inter Girls 300m, 2001. 2nd Senior Girls 400m, 2002.
Anyika Onuora4 x 100m Relay1st Inter Girls 100m, 2001. 1st Senior Girls 100m, 2002.
Barbara Parker3000m Steeplechase57th Inter Girls Cross Country, 1998. 2nd Inter Girls 800m, 1999. 1st Senior Girls 800m, 2001.
Tom ParsonsHigh Jump6th Inter Boys High Jump, 2000. 6th Senior Boys High Jump, 2001. 2nd Senior Boys High Jump, 2002.
Jo Pavey10000m, 5000mESAA 1500m Championship Record 1988.

Craig Pickering
100m, 4 x 100m Relay5th Junior Boys 100m, 2001. 1st Inter Boys 100m, 2002. 1st Senior Boys 100m, 2005.
Paula RadcliffeMarathon8th Junior Girls 1500m, 1988, 1st 1500m Senior Girls 1991. 1st Senior Girls 3000m, 1992

Kate Reed (no 1)
10000m15th Inter Girls Cross Country, 1998. 4th Inter Girls 1500m, 1999. 2nd Senior Girls 1500m, 2000. 3rd Senior Girls 1500m, 2001.

Michael Rimmer (no 51)
800m1st Junior Boys 800m, 2000. 1st Inter Boys 800m, 2001. 1st Inter Boys 800m, 2002. Junior International team selection prevented further participation at ESAA.
Dan RobinsonMarathon
Philippa RolesDiscusA Welsh athlete - did not attend an English School
Martyn Rooney4 x 400m Relay, 400m8th in Inter Boys 800m SemiFinal, 2003. 6th in Senior Boys 400m Heats, 2004.
Greg RutherfordLong Jump5th Junior Boys Long Jump, 2001. 4th Inter Boys Long Jump, 2003. 4th Senior Boys Long Jump, 2004.
Nicola Sanders4 x 400m Relay, 400m 4th 200m Intermediate Girls 1997, 2nd 300m Intermediate Girls 1998, 1st Senior Girls 400m Hurdles, 1999, 1st Senior Girls 400m Hurdles, 2000.
Goldie SayersJavelin 1st Jav Junior Girls 1996, 1st Jav Intermediate Girls 1998, 1st Jav Senior Girls 1999.
Allan Scott110m HurdlesA Scottish Athlete, did not attend an English School
Susan Scott1500mA Scottish Athlete, did not attend an English School
Jemma Simpson800m12th Junior Girls Cross Country, 1998. 5th Inter Girls 800m, 1999. 1st Inter Girls 800m, 2000.
Kelly SothertonHeptathlon4th Inter Girls 300m, 1992. 1st Heptathlon Intermediate Girls 1992, 1st Heptathlon Senior Girls 1994, 3rd Senior Girls Long Jump 1995.
Andrew Steele4 x 400m Relay, 400m3rd Junior Boys 400m, 1999. 1st Inter Boys 400m, 2001.

Rob Tobin
4 x 400m Relay2nd Inter Boys 400m, 1999. 1st Inter Boys 400m, 2000. 1st Senior Boys 400m, 2001.
Chris TomlinsonLong Jump 1st TJ Junior Boys 1996, 1st Senior Boys Long Jump, 1999, 3rd Senior Boys Triple Jump, 2000.
Andy Turner110m Hurdles1st Inter Boys 100mH, 1997. 2nd Senior Boys 110mH, 1999.
Laura Turner100m, 4 x 100m Relay7th Senior Girls 100m Hurdles, 1999.

Stephanie Twell (no 33)
1500m4th Inter Girls 1500m, 2004. 1st Senior Girls 3000m, 2006.

Simeon Williamson (no 53)
100m, 4 x 100m Relay2nd Senior Boys 100m, 2004.
Mara YamauchiMarathon
Liz YellingMarathon1st Senior Girls 1500m, 1993.