The British Olympic Team 2004

This list shows how some of our British Olympic Athletes progressed through the English Schools Athletics Association.

The list is by no means complete, and just gives a flavour of how important the ESAA was to them in their school years.

Virtually all our International Medallists progressed through the ESAA competitions: Roger Black, Steve Cram, Steve Ovett, Seb Coe, Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes, Jonathan Edwards, Daley Thompson, the list is virtually endless.

Age Groups shown here are:

(Ages as at 31st August)

100m Darren Campbell 3rd Junior Boy 200m, 1988
1st Inter Boy 200m, 1989
100m Jason Gardener 3rd Senior Boy 100m, 1993
100m Mark Lewis-Francis 1st Junior Boy 100m, 1997
800m Ricky Soos 1st Senior Boy 1500m, 2001
1500m Michael East 8th Senior Boy 800m, 1997
110m H Rob Newton 4th in Semi-Final Junior Boys 80mH, 1995
110mH Andy Turner 1st Inter Boy 100mH, 1997
400mH Matthew Douglas 2nd Senior Boys 400mH, 1995
Marathon Matt O'Dowd 5th Senior Boy 3000m, 1993
Triple Jump Phillips Idowu 2nd Senior Boys Triple  Jump, 1996
Long Jump Chris Tomlinson 3rd Senior Boys Triple Jump, 2000
Pole Vault Nick Buckfield 5th Inter Boys Pole Vault, 1988
1st Senior Boys Pole Vault, 1992
Discus Emeka Udechuku 1st Inter Boys Discus, 1995
Javelin Nick Nieland 13th Inter Boys Javelin, 1988
Decathlon Dean Macey 1st Senior Boys Decathlon, 1995
100m Abi Oyepitan 1st Senior Girls 100m, 1998
200m Joice Maduaka 3rd Senior Girls 100m, 1992
400m Donna Fraser 1st Inter Girls 200m, 1988
800m / 1500m Kelly Holmes 1st Junior Girls 1500m, 1987
10000m Paula Radcliffe 8th Junior Girls 1500m, 1988
1st Senior Girls 3000m, 1992
100mH Sarah Claxton 2nd Inter Girls 100m, 1995
Long Jump Jade Johnson 1st Senior GIrls Triple Jump, 1998
Javelin Goldie Sayers 1st Senior Girls Javelin, 1997
Heptathlon Kelly Sotherton 4th Inter Girls 300m, 1992
3rd Senior Girls Long Jump 1995