National Cross Country Championships 2005

The 45th Boys and 37th Girls ESAA National Cross Country Championship is to take place at

Norfolk County Showground, Norwich

on Saturday 12th March 2005

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You can then zoom in and out to whatever scale you would like, and also get printed directions from where-ever you live. To get directions, enter your own postcode as the starting address, and NR50TT as the destination address (note that is N-R-5-zero-T-T).

Timetable of Events

9.00 a.m.Championship Site Open
9.30 a.m.Championship Course Open for Inspection
10.00 a.m.Declarations open
11.00 a.m.Officials meeting
12.00 a.m.Declarations Close and Championship Course should be cleared

12.30 p.m.Intermediate Girls Championship.
Followed by the Individual Presentation
1.00 p.m.Intermediate Boys Championship.
Followed by the Individual Presentation
1.30 p.m.Junior Girls Championship.
Followed by the Individual Presentation
2.00 p.m.Junior Boys Championship.
Followed by the Individual Presentation
2.30 p.m.Senior Girls Championship.
Followed by the Individual Presentation
3.00 p.m.Senior Boys Championship.
Followed by the Individual Presentation
It is envisaged that the Team Race presentations will take place during the afternoon races. There will be announcements made to keep you aware of the presentation times.

Competitor Lists

ALl entries have now been received - click your County below to check the names of those entered.

Competitors are asked to check these lists so that their name appears correctly in the programme, on the tee-shirts, and in the results. Everything to do with the event is prepared automatically from these lists so if your name is wrong here, it will be wrong everywhere!

Note that Counties can enter up to 16 athletes in each age group, but only 8 are allowed to run in the event. Your name appearing in these lists DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL GET TO RUN IN THE CHAMPIONSHIPS. County team managers will make their final team selections in due course and the lucky athletes will be informed either by post or by telephone - you would have been told what your local arrangements are when you filled in your availability forms at the County Championships.

avon bedfordshire berkshire buckinghamshire cambridgeshire cheshire cleveland cornwall cumbria derbyshire devon dorset durham essex gloucestershire greater manchester hampshire herefordshire & worcestershire hertfordshire humberside kent lancashire leicestershire & rutland lincolnshire london merseyside middlesex norfolk northamptonshire northumberland north yorkshire nottinghamshire oxfordshire shropshire somerset south yorkshire staffordshire suffolk surrey sussex warwickshire west midlands west yorkshire wiltshire channel islands

The list of competitors has now been sent to the programme printers and the tee-shirt printers. If you find any spelling errors, please notify us immediately. It is too late now to make corrections to the programme and tee-shirts, but at least we'll be able to get the results correct.

General Information


Athletes are advised that Health and Safety regulations recommend that you should examine the course for potential hazards before competing. The course has been checked by the organisers and a risk assessment conducted. The Race Referee has inspected the course and declared it suitable for use.

Any competitor who has concerns about a safety aspect on the course should bring it to the attention of the organisers and/or the Referee immediately. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily the competitor will be advised not to participate in the event.


First aid is available on site. Any situation arising that requires First Aid treatment anywhere on the course must be reported immediately to First Aid personnel.

All participants are reminded of their duty of care for each other. If you suspect that someone, athlete or spectator, is in need of medical assistance you must act accordingly.


Please note that these may change, but are unlikely to change significantly. Start and Finish areas are close to each other. The course begins on the flat land of the showground. It then goes out to farmland where there may even be the odd hill to contend with! Please note that the Showground is situated on private land. Therefore there will be no access to the course until the morning of the championships.


You can see that all parking for coaches and spectators and the main admin centre for the Championships are on the same site. There are toilet facilities and refreshments located in a number of places around the showground.


Coaches will be in a designated area of the Showground close to the course. There will be a short walk to the Team Declaration area.


Spectators parking will also be in one of the designated car parks of the showground. Please note: There will be a charge of 5.00 per car to park. This will include a copy of the programme. All car parks will be clearly signposted and are easily accessible from the A47 Norwich Southern Bypass.


The Administration Centre for the Championships will be in the main buildings of the Norfolk County Showground. This will include Team Declarations, Officials Meeting Room, VIP Reception, International Team Meeting, Results, Press/Media, Team Trophy Presentations etc.


The ESAA official suppliers Inprints will be on site. Contact them at


The County Team bases will be in two large barns close to the parking area for coaches. In the middle of these two large barns will be the TRADE VILLAGE for the Championships. These team bases will be secure during the day. There are shower blocks on site for athletes that want to shower after their race.


The Norwich area is known to be very short of accommodation when large events are staged in the area. Early booking will be advisable, or even staying one or two hours away from the venue and travelling the rest of the distance on the day may help. Information is also available on the Norfolk Tourism website.


The showground is situated just off the A47 Norwich Southern bypass at the A1074 Longwater interchange. The Showground is well signposted on all major roads into Norwich. Access and entry to the Showground should not be a problem. It is approximately 7 miles from Norwich Train Station for anyone wishing to travel by train

Local Accommodation

This list is provided for your benefit only and is not necessarily complete. The ESAA does not endorse or recommend any particular accommodation.


Holiday Inn, Ipswich Road, Norwich NR4 6EP, Tel 0870 400 9060
De Vere Dunston Hall, Ipswich Road, Norwich NR14 8PQ, Tel: 01508 470444
Norwich Sport Village Hotel, Drayton High Road , Hellesdon, Norwich, NR6 5DU , Tel: 01603 788898
The Showground, Dereham Road , New Costessey, Norwich NR5 OTP, Tel: 01603 749140
Barnham Broom, Norwich NR9 4DD, Tel: 01603 759393
Park Farm Hotel, Hethersett, Norwich NR9 3DL, Tel: 01603 810264
Quality Hotel, 2 Barnard Road, Bowthorpe, Norwich NR5 9JB, Tel: 01603 741161
Ramada Jarvis, Boundary Road, Norwich NR3 2BA, Tel: 01603 787260
Wensum Valley Hotel, Beech Avenue, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6HP, Tel: 01603 261012

Guest Houses

St Edmundsbury, The Street, Old Costessey, Norwich NR8 SDG Tel: 01603 745959 (
Des Amis, 76 Dereham Road, Easton, Norwich NR9 5LJ Tel: 01603 880960
Lower Farm, Horsford, Norwich NR10 SAW, Tel: 01603 891291


All information stored on computer by the ESAA is governed by the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. All enquiries regarding Data Protection should be directed to the registered data controller.

Data held on computers by the ESAA is used only in order to administer the event for which the data was provided and is not passed on to any third party other than those listed below. The following table details the information we hold about competitors and the extent to which it is used.

Name & County
  • Transferred by email to the programme printer.
  • Transferred by email to the tee-shirt printer.
  • Transferred by email to Athletics Weekly as part of the results.
  • Published in the media in the form of race results.
  • Published on this website in the form of County Team lists.
  • Published on this website in the form of race results.
School & Town Not published. Used by the ESAA only in case a competitor needs to be contacted urgently.
Date of BirthNot published. Used only to automatically verify that the competitor is eligible for the age group entered. Statisticians who compile age ranking lists are advised to contact competitors directly to gain their individual consent if they wish to obtain and publish their date of birth. The ESAA will not disclose this information.
Finish position and timePublished in the media and on this website in the form of the results of races.
PhotographsPublished in the media and on this website.


Photographs of ESAA events are published in the athletics press, local media, and on this website. All pictures are taken in accordance with the guidelines relating to photos in schools published by the Information Commissioner with regard to the Data Protection Act 1998.

It is not possible to prevent photographs of any particular individual from appearing in the media. If this is a problem for you, you are advised not to take part in the event. If any parent wishes a particular picture of their child appearing on this website to be removed please contact us and we will do our best to resolve any problem.