ESAA 18th Combined Events Championships


32nd Race Walk Championships


Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2005

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Results pages

Junior Boys Pentathlon
Junior Girls Pentathlon
Intermediate Boys Octathlon
Intermediate Girls Heptathlon
Senior Boys Decathlon
Senior Girls Heptathlon
All race walks

Junior Boys - 3k

1.Matthew HallidayWest Midlands14:47.92
2.Mark O'KaneWest Midlands15:16.24
3.Mark PrattSouth Yorks16:06.85
4.Hugo GrahamLeics & Rutland16:20.44
5.Ben CaseySomerset16:46.90
6.Tom SoadyHumberside17:19.70
7.Mathew ThompsonCornwall17:31.81
8.Alex WrightSomerset18:21.48
9.Jordan ColeHumberside18:42.77
10.Matthew DuncanHumberside18:45.70
11.Adam HewittSussex18:46.40
12.William HemmingsSomerset20:01.27

Junior Girls - 3k

1.Kathryn GrangerSouth Yorks15:38.60
2.Chelsea O'Rawe-HobbsEssex15:56.07
3.Holly SmithWest Midlands16:21.83
4.Natalie MyersSouth Yorks16:39.06
5.Joleen YeomanWest Midlands18:09.97
6.Julia StaceyKent18:48.48
7.Nicola GeorgeCornwall18:48.84
8.Bronwen KaneenMerseyside IoM19:09.07
9.Rebecca CollinsKent19:18.41
10.Katie WhelanCornwall19:27.02

Intermediate Boys - 5k

1.Ben WearsCleveland23:24.99
2.Simon HambridgeWest Midlands25:01.89
3.Mark HambridgeWest Midlands25:23.91
4.Jack TomlinKent25:33.89
5.Tom BosworthKent30:18.01
6.Ed MaceSomerset32:22.45
7.Liam ClaphamHumberside34:34.11

Intermediate Girls - 3k

1.Rebecca MershSouth Yorks14:29.09
2.Sarah FosterKent15:34.04
3.Emma LathamMerseyside IoM15:52.10
4.Fiona MsgorumLeics & Rutland16:17.13
5.Ciara KaneenMerseyside IoM16:49.35
6.Holly WilliamsKent17:00.66
7.Claire GraceHants & Vectis17:12.77
8.Keera RaymondWest Midlands17:14.69
9.Claire YeomanWest Midlands19:26.71
10.Kate PercivalWest Midlands20:01.80
11.Louise SmithKent20:42.87
12.Kim DaveyCornwall20:57.94
13.Stephanie NicholsKent23:01.44

Senior Boys - 5k

1.Nick BallHants & Vectis22:09.68
2.Robert BainKent23:18.05
3.Peter WarrenSussex25:26.83
4.Adam HollandCornwall31:22.95

Senior Girls - 5k

1.Carley TomlinKent31:59.09