Brighton, 8th March 2003

All the photos in the results pages are captured directly from a low resolution video camera (320x340 pixels) so better quality versions of these images don't exist.

However, there were other top photographers at the event who do have high quality pictures. The following have indicated that they are willing to provide photos for sale. Please note that these links are provided purely for your information: the ESAA have no direct links with any of them, make nothing from them, and can not be held responsible for any transactions between you and them.
Keith Mayhew
Official Photographer for Athletics Weekly
Great guy, always willing to help you. Probably has photos of most finishes, possibly some shots of middle stages of races. Email him at keith.mayhew@ntlworld.com with details of the event you are interested in, together with competitor name, number, finish position, and vest colour (if known), and he will let you know if he has pictures. Typical prices are 4.50 for 7" x 5" and 5.50 for 8" x 6" prints including postage.
Others will be added here when confirmation is received from them that they have photos for sale.

Any other official photographers present at the event who would like to be featured on this page, please contact the ESAA. Please note that only the ESAA officially accreditted photographers can be included here.