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Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
County Managers have until 1st March to make any minor adjustments.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day, these lists are purely for you to check the spelling of your name.

If you find any spelling errors, please notify us immediately giving your County, Age Group, and the correct spelling.

North Yorkshire Entries

Junior Boys

Joshua Hammett, Archie Gray, Douglas Segger-Staveley, Lucas Stabler, Louis How, Christy O'Hare, Joshua Morales Macias, Samuel Bentham, Denholm Edwards, Fraser Allen, Harry Crichton,

Intermediate Boys

Charlie Stephenson, Joe O'Brien, Alex Thompson, Sam Smith, Ozzy Stringer, George Couttie, Tommy Shaw, Samuel Headley, Luca Mastrolonardo, Tom O'Mahoney,

Senior Boys

Josh Dickinson, Finnian Hutchinson, Sebastian Segger-Staveley, Joseph Carnelley, Matthew Lambert, Archie Lawson, Louis Hudson, Jack Briggs, Toby Antcliffe, Arthur Peel, Jack Muir,

Junior Girls

Lottie Langan, Hazel Forrest, Amelie Aylesbury, Seren Melling, Shannon Robinson, Kaelin McCooke, Anna Hobson, Anna Harrison-Topham, Helena Roberts, Olivia Aldham, Matilda Stringer,

Intermediate Girls

Alice Jones, Lilli Carr, Eve Whitaker, Rose Forrest, Jessica Jones, Inez Khaddi, Tui Brooks, Issy Nicholls, Alexandra Whitaker, Flo Roberts,

Senior Girls

Mena Scatchard, Betty Bergstrand, Emily Jones, Ruby Firth, Marisa Allen, Katie Atkinson, Phoebe Hall, Holly Moss,

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