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Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
County Managers have until 1st March to make any minor adjustments.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day, these lists are purely for you to check the spelling of your name.

If you find any spelling errors, please notify us immediately giving your County, Age Group, and the correct spelling.

Hertfordshire Entries

Junior Boys

Gianleo Stubbs, Oscar Loveday, Adam Wood, Benjamin Gostick, George Ward, Evan Johnson, Alexander McDonald, Fynn Rushman, Hugo Francis, William Galliford, Sonny Coughlin,

Intermediate Boys

Samuel Burnell, Sam Greenstein, Luca Stubbs, Tyler Wannerton, Daniel Gill, Joe Chamberlain, Ben Hunter, Zachary Segal, William Riley, Max Winfield, Jonathan Lee,

Senior Boys

Kristian Imroth, Brett Rushman, Charlie Woollett, Freddie Truman-Williams, George Mangan, James Moore, Ben Sloan, Finn MacCarthy, Sam Sloan, Adam Serag,

Junior Girls

Grace Mason, Tilly Major, Niamh Keohane, Evie Wootton, Brooke Evans, Daniella Skater, Abigail Manson, Poppy Fisher, Anna Pritchard, Indie Frost, Thea Gray, Florence Crowley,

Intermediate Girls

Aimi Weightman, Antonia Jubb, Lily Tse, Sarah McGrath, Stella Whitlum, Jessica Astill, Hannah Barker, Roisin Keohane, Jemima Byers, Sophie Magson, Lucy Storey,

Senior Girls

Indira Patel, Freya Stapleton, Grace Malcolm, Clare Malcolm, Holly Hodgskinson, Jasmine Wood, Amy Cassidy, Nadia Potter , Ella Peters, Katie Thompson ,

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