Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Kent677 pts
2Surrey973 pts
3Hampshire and Vectis1257 pts
4Hertfordshire1579 pts
5Greater Manchester1704 pts
5Sussex1704 pts
7Essex2022 pts
8Berkshire2106 pts
9Middlesex2175 pts
10London2272 pts

Coventry Trophy
1Lancashire1603 pts
2Devon1630 pts
3North Yorkshire1784 pts
4Buckinghamshire2210 pts
5Somerset2411 pts
6Merseyside2616 pts
7Cheshire2656 pts
8Avon2901 pts
9West Midlands2919 pts
10Leicestershire & Rutland2978 pts
11Derbyshire2999 pts
12West Yorkshire3075 pts
13Nottinghamshire3516 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Suffolk1643 pts
2Cambridgeshire1758 pts
3Durham2265 pts
4Lincolnshire2448 pts
5Dorset2913 pts
6Shropshire3147 pts
7Gloucestershire3217 pts
8Bedfordshire3220 pts
9Wiltshire3315 pts
10Northamptonshire3715 pts
11Humberside4137 pts
12Warwickshire4280 pts

John Hedge Trophy
1Northumberland1275 pts
2Cumbria2448 pts
3Norfolk2461 pts
4Hereford & Worcestershire3400 pts
5Oxfordshire3404 pts
6Cornwall3963 pts
7Cleveland4293 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1London1273 pts
2Hampshire and Vectis1328 pts
3Berkshire1365 pts
4Surrey1494 pts
5Greater Manchester1507 pts
6Kent1627 pts
7Essex1653 pts
8Hertfordshire1788 pts
9Sussex2126 pts
10Middlesex2689 pts

Durham Trophy
1West Yorkshire1317 pts
2Avon1593 pts
3Buckinghamshire1748 pts
4North Yorkshire1792 pts
5Lancashire2001 pts
6South Yorkshire2117 pts
7Leicestershire & Rutland2215 pts
8Devon2336 pts
9Derbyshire2432 pts
10Nottinghamshire2971 pts
11Merseyside3039 pts
12Somerset3138 pts
13West Midlands3532 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Durham1922 pts
2Dorset2645 pts
3Lincolnshire2999 pts
4Suffolk3042 pts
5Staffordshire3076 pts
6Cambridgeshire3208 pts
7Humberside3962 pts
8Warwickshire3987 pts

Nottinghamshire Trophy
1Cumbria1851 pts
2Norfolk2883 pts
3Oxfordshire2932 pts
4Northumberland2977 pts
5Hereford & Worcestershire3199 pts