Further information about the 2020 competitions will appear here in due course.

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Key Details


10th/11th July 2020


Manchester Regional Arena, Sport City, Manchester M11 3FF

Age groups

Juniors (under 15)
Intermediates (under 17)
Seniors (under 19)

Entries Close

Teams must be declared by 9pm on Tuesday 23th June so that things can be prepared in time for the timetabling meeting which is held on the 24th June.

Final deadline for minor spelling changes: 9pm Sunday 28th June.

  • Entries are made by County Team Managers after the County Team is selected following the County Championships.

  • There are no individual entries - this is a competition between County Teams.

Important Rule Change in 2020

The height of Steeplechase barriers for the Under 17 boys' group has changed this year, and is now 0.838m +/- 0.003m high. It is important that counties ensure the stadium in which their own County Championship is held has this height of barrier available to ensure they have the best opportunity to progress. It is a reduction from the previous height of 0.914m, which will still be used in boys' Under 19 competition.

Next Year

The 2021 Championships will again be held in Manchester.

The ESAA National Championships are the 4th largest athletics event in the World... staged each year. They were televised live by SKY Sports from 2008 to 2013.

Organised entirely by volunteer teachers, we bring together the best athletes in each County in England to compete for the honour of being the best athlete in the Country at their event.

Entry to the event is by virtue of athletes being selected by County Team Managers to represent their County. Prime consideration is given to performances at County Championships which are normally held sometime around the 2nd week of June, but other outstanding performances at other events may be taken into consideration.

Nearly all the UK Olympic Athletics team members have featured in the ESAA Championships, some other Olympic Team members too - just look at the previous teams:

Team GB 2004 Team GB 2008 Team GB 2012