Cup Final Information

Saturday 7th December 2019

Welcome to Mount St Mary's College, Spinkhill

We are pleased to welcome all athletes, teachers, officials and spectators for the 2019 English Schools' Athletics Association Schools' Cross Country Cup Final being hosted by Mount St Mary's College by kind permission of the Head Master.

The competition is for Junior (under 14, normally Years 7/8 Pupils) and Intermediate (under 16, normally Years 9/10 pupils) age groups.

The local rounds of this competition started in October, with over 1550 teams from 530 schools throughout England competing against other local schools in their County. The leading teams from these competitions held in each County then compete in one of 9 Regional finals in early November.

The National Final pits the three leading teams in each age group in each Region against each other. In each race, for scoring purposes, School Teams consist of 6 runners with the best 4 scoring for their team.

Course Venue

Mount St Mary's College , College Road, Spinkhill, Derbyshire S21 3YL.

Click the map to jump to an interactive street map.

Spinkhill Map
Comprehensive directions and maps are available in PDF file format.


Spinkhill is located a few miles South East of Sheffield and is just a couple of miles from Junction 30 of the M1. LEAVE M1 Motorway at Junction 30 taking the dual carriageway A6135 in a westerly direction for one mile. At the first set of traffic lights (cross roads with pub and restaurant) turn right and follow the road downhill. After a sharp left hand bend climb towards the village of Spinkhill.

Car Parking

  • All car parking for this event is on the school site ONLY and is within 100 metres of the course. There is a charge of £5 per vehicle which includes a championships programme.
  • Access to the course will be on foot only from this car park.
  • Disabled Blue Badge Holders will be able to park very close to the course.


A full range of catering will be provided by Sitwell Hotel Catering based in the Upper Sports Pavilion.

Qualifiers to the Cup Final

The first 3 teams in each Regional Final qualify for the Cup Final. These teams will be handed an envelope containing a comprehensive Cup Final Information Pack. This includes a requirement for teams and reserves to be re-declared on this website by midnight on Tuesday 13th November. Teams MUST be redeclared so that athletes get allocated the correct numbers for the Final - we have a very tight deadline to produce the Cup Final programme to go to the printers so it is essential for Finalists to ensure that they meet this deadline.

Timetable of Events:

10.30 to 12.30
Declarations open and course open for inspection
Course closed
Intermediate Girls Final (2975m)
Junior Boys Final (2975m)
Junior Girls Final (2475m)
Intermediate Boys Final (4425m)
Presentations in the Upper Sports Pavilion

Course Map

Note that the athletics track and the cricket squares are strictly out of bounds to everyone.

course map


The Country is divided into 9 regions: East Central, East Midlands, Essex & Suffolk, London Northwards, North East, North West, South East, South West, and West Central. Click the button in the menu on the left to view the Regional map.

The leading 3 school teams in each age group from each Regional final qualify for the National Final. If two teams in a region tie on points for 3rd place, both teams go through to the Final. In addition, the host school Mount St. Mary's may run a team in one race.

Junior Boys
1 to 6region EC : Chesham Grammar SchoolChesham
7 to 12region EC : Dr Challoner's Grammar SchoolAmersham
13 to 18region EC : Bedford SchoolBedford
19 to 24region EM : Ilkley Grammar SchoolIlkley
25 to 30region EM : Bourne Grammar SchoolBourne
31 to 36region EM : Woodhouse Grove SchoolBradford
37 to 42region ES : The Eastwood AcademyLeigh-on-Sea
43 to 48region ES : Southend High School for BoysSouthend-on-Sea
49 to 54region ES : Shenfield High SchoolBrentwood
55 to 60region LN : St Albans SchoolSt Albans
61 to 66region LN : The Bishop's Stortford High SchoolBishop's Stortford
67 to 72region LN : Dulwich CollegeLondon
73 to 78region NE : Gosforth Central Middle SchoolNewcastle-upon-Tyne
79 to 84region NE : St Aidan's Church of England High SchoolHarrogate
85 to 90region NE : Ermysted's Grammar SchoolSkipton
91 to 96region NW : Calday Grange Grammar SchoolWirral
97 to 102region NW : St Ambrose CollegeAltrincham
103 to 108region NW : St Anselm's CollegePrenton
109 to 114region SE : Oxted SchoolOxted
115 to 120region SE : The Judd SchoolTonbridge
121 to 126region SE : Woking High SchoolWoking
127 to 132region SW : The Sir John Colfox SchoolBridport
133 to 138region SW : Taunton SchoolTaunton
139 to 144region SW : The Park Community SchoolBarnstaple
145 to 150region WC : Helsby High SchoolFrodsham
151 to 156region WC : Bromsgrove Prep SchoolBromsgrove
157 to 162region WC : ArdenSolihull

Intermediate Boys
1 to 6region EC : Abingdon SchoolAbingdon
7 to 12region EC : Dr Challoner's Grammar SchoolAmersham
13 to 18region EC : John Hampden Grammar SchoolHigh Wycombe
19 to 24region EM : Bourne Grammar SchoolBourne
25 to 30region EM : High Storrs SchoolSheffield
31 to 36region EM : Ilkley Grammar SchoolIlkley
37 to 42region ES : Southend High School for BoysSouthend-on-Sea
43 to 48region ES : The Eastwood AcademyLeigh-on-Sea
49 to 54region ES : The Coopers' Company and Coborn SchoolUpminster
55 to 60region LN : Dulwich CollegeLondon
61 to 66region LN : Merchant Taylors' SchoolNorthwood
67 to 72region LN : St Albans SchoolSt Albans
73 to 78region NE : The King Edward VI AcademyMorpeth
79 to 84region NE : St Aidan's Church of England High SchoolHarrogate
85 to 90region NE : Durham Johnston Comprehensive SchoolDurham
91 to 96region NW : Formby High SchoolLiverpool
97 to 102region NW : Calday Grange Grammar SchoolWirral
103 to 108region NW : Queen Elizabeth Grammar School PenrithPenrith
109 to 114region SE : The Judd SchoolTonbridge
115 to 120region SE : Robert May's SchoolHook
121 to 126region SE : Salesian CollegeFarnborough
127 to 132region SW : Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolSalisbury
133 to 138region SW : Reading Blue Coat SchoolReading
139 to 144region SW : King's CollegeTaunton
145 to 150region WC : Shrewsbury SchoolShrewsbury
151 to 156region WC : Bishop Vesey's Grammar SchoolSutton Coldfield
157 to 162region WC : King Edward VI Five Ways SchoolBirmingham

Junior Girls
1 to 6region EC : Oxford High School GDSTOxford
7 to 12region EC : Dr Challoner's High SchoolAmersham
13 to 18region EC : The Misbourne SchoolGreat Missenden
19 to 24region EM : Woodhouse Grove SchoolBradford
25 to 30region EM : Pocklington SchoolYork
31 to 36region EM : Wilsthorpe Community SchoolNottingham
37 to 42region ES : The Coopers' Company and Coborn SchoolUpminster
43 to 48region ES : Southend High School for GirlsSouthend-on-Sea
49 to 54region ES : St Martin's School BrentwoodBrentwood
55 to 60region LN : Putney High SchoolLondon
61 to 66region LN : City of London School for GirlsLondon
67 to 72region LN : James Allen's Girls' SchoolLondon
73 to 78region NE : St Aidan's Church of England High SchoolHarrogate
79 to 84region NE : Durham Johnston Comprehensive SchoolDurham
85 to 90region NE : Dame Allan's Senior SchoolNewcastle-upon-Tyne
91 to 96region NW : Sale Grammar SchoolSale
97 to 102region NW : Wirral Grammar School for GirlsWirral
103 to 108region NW : The Queen Katherine SchoolKendal
109 to 114region SE : Guildford High SchoolGuildford
115 to 120region SE : Sevenoaks SchoolSevenoaks
121 to 126region SE : Croydon High SchoolSouth Croydon
127 to 132region SW : The Abbey School ReadingReading
133 to 138region SW : South Wilts Grammar School for GirlsSalisbury
139 to 144region SW : Newquay TretherrasNewquay
145 to 150region WC : Thomas Telford SchoolTelford
151 to 156region WC : Stroud High SchoolStroud
157 to 162region WC : King's High SchoolWarwick

Intermediate Girls
1 to 6region EC : Dr Challoner's High SchoolAmersham
7 to 12region EC : Wycombe High SchoolHigh Wycombe
13 to 18region EC : Pipers Corner SchoolHigh Wycombe
19 to 24region EM : Notre Dame High SchoolSheffield
25 to 30region EM : Bradford Grammar SchoolBradford
31 to 36region EM : Bourne Grammar SchoolBourne
37 to 42region ES : The Coopers' Company and Coborn SchoolUpminster
43 to 48region ES : Woodbridge SchoolWoodbridge
49 to 54region ES : Southend High School for GirlsSouthend-on-Sea
55 to 60region LN : Dame Alice Owen's SchoolPotters Bar
61 to 66region LN : City of London School for GirlsLondon
67 to 72region LN : James Allen's Girls' SchoolLondon
73 to 78region NE : Harrogate Grammar SchoolHarrogate
79 to 84region NE : St Aidan's Church of England High SchoolHarrogate
85 to 90region NE : The Duchess's Community High SchoolAlnwick
91 to 96region NW : Queen Elizabeth Grammar School PenrithPenrith
97 to 102region NW : Kirkbie Kendal SchoolKendal
103 to 108region NW : Accrington St Christopher's Church of England High SchoolAccrington
109 to 114region SE : Brighton CollegeBrighton
115 to 120region SE : St Swithun's SchoolWinchester
121 to 126region SE : St Catherine's SchoolGuildford
127 to 132region SE : Farnborough HillFarnborough
133 to 138region SW : Charters SchoolAscot
139 to 144region SW : Millfield SchoolStreet
145 to 150region SW : South Wilts Grammar School for GirlsSalisbury
151 to 156region WC : Thomas Telford SchoolTelford
157 to 162region WC : Southam CollegeSoutham
163 to 168region WC : Stroud High SchoolStroud


A range of souvenir teeshirts and training tops will be available from StartFitness, operating as More Mile, who been appointed as the ESAA merchandise suppliers for this event.

These can be pre-ordered through this website. An order form will be posted here after 18th November.

Contact them directly at or

Full details will be shown here after 18th November.

Photographs and Videos

ESAA have appointed Photos Unlimited of Peterborough as their Official Photographers for this event and this company has sole merchandising rights for the sale of photographs. All photographs will be available for sale via their website after the event.

ALL PERSONS WISHING TO TAKE PHOTGRAPHS FOR THEIR PERSONAL USE must register their photography device (including mobile phones), using the UKA Form provided, with the ESAA Media Officers on the Upper floor of the Sports Pavilion.

Photographs of ESAA events might be published in the athletics press, local media, and on this website. All ESAA photographs are taken in accordance with the guidelines relating to photos in schools    published by the Information Commissioner with regard to the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Photographs and videos can be taken by the public from public areas for personal use only. They may not be published in any form (including on personal or club websites) without written permission from the ESAA.

Most ESAA competitions are held on private land and are therefore deemed to be 'not public' areas. All ESAA events are SCHOOL events and are therefore covered by regulations governing what can and can't be done in schools. One important point therefore is that you are not allowed to take photographs of school activities for commercial publication without specific written permission from event organisers. This is no different to the fact that one cannot simply walk onto a school playing field and start taking and publishing photos - most parents, and the Information Commissioner, would strongly agree that school activities should not be published unless publication is under strict control.

Photographers at ESAA events wishing to publish photos in the media or in any other form (eg. internet websites), or wishing to use them for anything other than personal use must be officially registered and accredited by the ESAA, and register the use to which photos will be put, and to obtain permission for that use. Permission WILL be retrospectively withdrawn if anyone is found to be in breach of the uses which they registered with us, and under such circumstances, the offender will be required to delete all images they hold from our events.

This therefore precludes operators who simply turn up, make videos, then publish them with associated advertising which is outside of our control. No one has permission to do this unless they have written consent from the ESAA.

We are aware that some people register themselves as press photographers then publish complete videos of our events online, and even make their broadcasts available for sale. This is very specifically not allowed. In effect, they are broadcasting companies making television programmes without our permission. It doesn't matter how they publish their content, whether by television over the air or via the internet, or via DVD. The fact they broadcast our event content to the world makes them broadcasters.

To be an accreditted broadcaster for the ESAA, they need to be properly established companies, properly registered and regulated by the broadcasting authorities, and they need to be properly registered with the Information Commissioner. Also, in order to sell their content they need to have been given written permission to sell what is our copyright, and pay the necessary royalties due to us. They also need to comply with the UK Distance Selling Regulations in order to take payments from the public. There is also the very important fact that under the rules of UK athletics, televised athletics events in the UK need to be authorised by the UK Governing Body. The ESAA operates under these rules.

It is not possible to prevent photographs of any particular individual from appearing in the media. If this is a problem for you, you are advised not to take part in the event. If any parent wishes a particular picture of their child appearing on this website to be removed please contact us and we will do our best to resolve any problem.