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Senior Girls 100 metres - Round 1
First 3 and 2 fastest losers to final
ES: 12.40 NS: 12.10 BP: 11.50
Heat 1 - wind: +0.0
1Joy OgenleyeEssex11.98ns
2Elise ModesteEssex12.17es
3Michelle OwusuWMid12.45
4Chinwe IwunzeMidd12.48
5Ese OgievaWYork12.59
Trinity Perruzza-PowellManchdns
Heat 2 - wind: +0.5
1Akaysha EllisLondon11.91ns
2Eve WrightEssex11.96ns
3Leonie AshmeadeWYork12.01ns
4Scarlett HeroldOxford12.43
5Dara ApoolaMidd12.62
6Megan WebberDevon12.68
7Khia'aama KofiAvon12.77
Qualifiers for Final
1Scarlett HeroldOxford
2Chinwe IwunzeMidd
3Joy OgenleyeEssex
4Elise ModesteEssex
5Eve WrightEssex
6Akaysha EllisLondon
7Leonie AshmeadeWYork
8Michelle OwusuWMid
New Balance ESAA Track & Field Championships 2019
result printed at 13:03:13 on 12/07/19