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Junior Girls 800 metres - Round 2
First 3 and 2 fastest losers to final
ES: 2:19.00 NS: 2:15.00 BP: 2:06.22
Semi-final A
1Katie SakariaSurrey2:15.51es
2Emma ShipleyDerby2:15.53es
3Amarisa SibleyKent2:16.23es
4Lexie BullGlouc2:16.58es
5Keira Brady-JonesMersey2:21.56
6Imogen BlackwellLancs2:21.65
7Sebastienna BairstowNYork2:25.13
8Holly HendersonBucks2:28.81
Semi-final B
1Ella GreenwayHumb2:16.40es
2Ava LloydLancs2:17.03es
3Lucy ScothernDurham2:17.87es
4Poppy EltonH&Wor2:18.13es
5Alice BennettNhants2:18.30es
6Eleanor ColbournNYork2:18.95es
7Lois CreaseyCleve2:19.35
8Freya BuglassWilts2:19.63
Qualifiers for Final
1Poppy EltonH&Wor
2Lexie BullGlouc
3Ella GreenwayHumb
4Ava LloydLancs
5Katie SakariaSurrey
6Emma ShipleyDerby
7Amarisa SibleyKent
8Lucy ScothernDurham
New Balance ESAA Track & Field Championships 2019
result printed at 16:32:09 on 12/07/19