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Inter Girls 100 metres - Round 1
First 3 and 4 fastest losers to Round 2
ES: 12.50 NS: 12.20 BP: 11.50
Heat 1 - wind: +1.6
1Megan CostelloCleve12.28es
2Moyinolluwa OduyemiBucks12.35es
3Niyah CostleyLondon12.36es
4Mia SmithMidd12.42es
5Mia MorrisroeMersey12.44es
6Maddison VernonManch12.50es
7Anna LashleyIOM12.71
8Wiktoria MatysiakWMid12.89
Heat 2 - wind: +0.4
1Joy EzeNland12.06ns
2Tamara MillerWYork12.30es
3Milan JervierMidd12.50es
4Abigail AdenijiManch12.65
5Nifemi OgunbaseWMid12.68
6Afoma OforCleve12.79
7Temi MustaphaLancs12.87
8Ellie CartwrightNotts12.90
Heat 3 - wind: +0.8
1Aleeya SibbonsEssex12.09ns
2Praise OwoeyeManch12.23es
3Shiloh Wright-TaipowLondon12.24es
4Zsiriah ThomasKent12.28es
5Serena GraceNorf12.36es
6Iona NewbeginCamb12.39es
7Hilary GoodeWYork12.45es
8Chiyenne AdrienBeds12.46es
Heat 4 - wind: +1.0
1Kirsty TreglownBerks12.37es
2Lonarra YoungsSuff12.44es
3Leah OkorhiWMid12.44es
4Tina LouisBeds12.46es
5Mya GreenMidd12.46es
6Marian OwusuwaahLondon12.55
7Helena ShannonGlouc12.82
Qualifiers for Round 2
Semi-final A
1Mia SmithMidd
2Serena GraceNorf
3Aleeya SibbonsEssex
4Moyinolluwa OduyemiBucks
5Megan CostelloCleve
6Tamara MillerWYork
7Niyah CostleyLondon
8Leah OkorhiWMid
Semi-final B
1Zsiriah ThomasKent
2Iona NewbeginCamb
3Praise OwoeyeManch
4Lonarra YoungsSuff
5Kirsty TreglownBerks
6Joy EzeNland
7Shiloh Wright-TaipowLondon
8Milan JervierMidd
New Balance ESAA Track & Field Championships 2019
result printed at 12:57:21 on 12/07/19