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County Championship Results

Not many Counties publish results in a form available for internet display.

Some Counties have their own websites - you can find their results if you click the County Websites button, then select the relevant County .

Some Counties send their results to us in various formats - click the links here, they will open in a new tab on your browser if you have the correct program installed to read them.

GDPR notice: these results are copyright of the respective County Schools Athletics Associaton and they are published here for viewing only. In accordance with the General Data Protection Act 2018 these results may not be further processed for any other purpose because the children listed here have not given their consent for that to be done. You may only further process results of individual children listed here where you have proof that each child has opted-in to you doing so.

The following are PDF files:
Cheshire T&F
Northumberland T&F
Shropshire T&F
Staffordshire T&F
West Midlands T&F

Inter Counties Results

Northern Counties

You may find results for other Counties on their own websites:

County Websites