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Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day.

If you find any spelling errors, please notify us immediately giving your County, Age Group, and the correct spelling.

Staffordshire Entries

Junior Boys

Cameron Capper, Danny Meredith, Luke Powell, Jack Tetley, Tom Brownsill, Harrison Barber, Matthew Malkin, Jack Finney,

Intermediate Boys

Callum Abberley, Bill Chesters, Jordan Nixon, Josh Lally, Lewis Nagington, Jacob Droogmans, Connor Mills, Harry Walters, Max Kent,

Senior Boys

Casey Maddock, Sam Bagley, James Condlyffe, Ryan Hogkiss, Sam Allen,

Junior Girls

Ella Semple, Eden Schiller, Thando Hart, Molly Williams, Olivia Ball, Misha Twardochleb, Maisie Tinwell, Lucy Semple, Emilie Bullock,

Intermediate Girls

Iris Davies, Lauren Gregory, Josie Nelson, Allegra Soutar, Bethany Sharpley, Naomi Bedwell, Elizabeth Clarkson, Elizabeth Stanyer, Charlotte Moore,

Senior Girls

Katie Lord, Rebecca Twardochleb, Rebecca Brown, Mollie O Hanlon, Rachael Jones, Libby Dunne, Sophie Goodfellow, Grace Ranford, Giorgia Chattwood,

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