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Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day.

If you find any spelling errors, please notify us immediately giving your County, Age Group, and the correct spelling.

Norfolk Entries

Junior Boys

Oliver O'Malley, Danny Adams, Zak Houghton, Cameron Green, Matthew Waller, Billy Life, James Price, Callum Steadman, Alexander Skinner, Zachary Taylor, Jannie O'Leary, Aidan Banfield,

Intermediate Boys

Jack White, William Mahoney, Edward Cator, Jacob Stares, Ethan Davies, Aiden Try, Rhys Foyster, Jamie Stares, George Cardwell, Chandler Winyard, Ben Horton, Bradley Yates,

Senior Boys

Jake Stearman, Benedict Smith, Finlay Swanson, Harry Steward, Alexander Hunt, Mark Garside, Niall Simmonds, Harrison Meek,

Junior Girls

Abigail Durand, Jessica Norkett, Kate Willis, Grace Forster, Holly Bunn, Grace Jermy, Madeleine Short, Emma Ledward, Olivia Miller, Enska Watling, Megan Willis, Emily Haslam,

Intermediate Girls

Nelly Porter, Rachel Bruce, Katie Goldsmith, Siew Yen Loke, Lucy Emmett, Ellie Taylor, Emma Hunter, Meredith Winship, Ellie Foster, Sophie Peach, Naryce Anderson, Abigail Foster,

Senior Girls

Mille Solway, Amy Clarke, Alice Rees, Imogen Crossland, Eloise Platt, Jessica Douglas, Jessica Dykes, Iona Stubbs, Eva Colomar, Iona Brett, Flora Dell,

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