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Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day.

If you find any spelling errors, please notify us immediately giving your County, Age Group, and the correct spelling.

Hertfordshire Entries

Junior Boys

Alex Harris, Patrick Bissett, Ibrahima Diallo, Luca Stubbs, Freddy Truman-Williams, Adam Serag, Callum Nicholson, Charlie Woollett, Ben Hunter, Ben Sloan, Fergus Watson, Max Robson,

Intermediate Boys

Thomas Patrick, Ben Winfield, Jamie Harper, Kristian Imroth, Connor Keogh, Jamie Ayres, Samuel Wiggins, Jake Sherlock, Oliver Davis, Brett Rushman, Joe Smith, Angus Harrow,

Senior Boys

Jamie Philpott , Jeremy Dempey, Elliot Dee, George Groom, Rhys Rowlands, Thomas McArdle, Ben Clarke, William McArdle, Sam Howell, Daniel Figg, Oliver Greenstein, Adam Mason,

Junior Girls

Grace Ingles, Grace Malcolm, Clare Malcolm, Jane Williamson, Hannah Wootton, Bluebell Cooke, Lucy Taylor, Honey Millard - Clothier, Ella Peters, Christina Durbin, Ellie Gilmore, Amy Cassidy,

Intermediate Girls

Keira Stern, Charlotte Rowedder, Jessica Laitner, Eva Ilari, Caitlin Johal, Charlotte Spinks, Aoife Hanling, Emily Alderson, Sophia Dempsey, Ellen Bone, Elizabeth Bentham, Sarah Butler,

Senior Girls

Elspeth Grace, Marella Whitfield, Jessica Hurley, Harriet Kealy, Sophie Olney, Alexandra Bentley, Rachel Connery, Mimi Houlihan - Burne, Caitlin Eckley, Leyla Manthorpe Rizatepe, Hannah Rayden, Tabitha Weddell,

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