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Inter-County Results

South East
Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Essex1010 pts
2Kent1011 pts
3Hampshire and Vectis1110 pts
4Surrey1184 pts
5Sussex1387 pts
6Greater Manchester1940 pts
7Hertfordshire2126 pts
8Middlesex2177 pts
9West Midlands2207 pts
10Berkshire2267 pts
11London2344 pts

Coventry Trophy
1North Yorkshire901 pts
2Buckinghamshire1776 pts
3West Yorkshire1778 pts
4Lancashire1857 pts
5South Yorkshire1949 pts
6Cheshire2087 pts
7Leicestershire & Rutland2165 pts
8Avon2347 pts
9Devon2515 pts
10Merseyside2533 pts
11Nottinghamshire3130 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Cambridgeshire2322 pts
2Suffolk2401 pts
3Somerset2552 pts
4Durham2809 pts
5Lincolnshire2901 pts
6Wiltshire3086 pts
7Dorset3428 pts
8Gloucestershire3542 pts
9Norfolk3664 pts
10Oxfordshire3716 pts
11Humberside4096 pts
12Bedfordshire4237 pts
13Warwickshire4729 pts

Group D
1Cumbria2653 pts
2Northumberland2697 pts
3Shropshire3363 pts
4Hereford & Worcestershire4056 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1Surrey739 pts
2London811 pts
3Essex1358 pts
3Kent1358 pts
5Hampshire and Vectis1484 pts
6Berkshire1671 pts
7Greater Manchester1764 pts
8West Midlands2150 pts
9Middlesex2432 pts
10Hertfordshire2782 pts

Durham Trophy
1West Yorkshire1642 pts
2Leicestershire & Rutland1942 pts
3Avon2053 pts
4Cheshire2208 pts
5North Yorkshire2406 pts
6Devon2411 pts
7Nottinghamshire2498 pts
8Buckinghamshire2694 pts
9Staffordshire2716 pts
10Derbyshire2786 pts
11South Yorkshire2924 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Dorset1654 pts
2Suffolk2195 pts
3Somerset2560 pts
4Norfolk2624 pts
5Gloucestershire2714 pts
6Durham3072 pts
7Lincolnshire3083 pts
8Cambridgeshire3117 pts
9Bedfordshire3482 pts
10Wiltshire3734 pts
11Oxfordshire3767 pts
12Humberside4406 pts

Nottinghamshire Trophy
1Northumberland2485 pts
2Cumbria2548 pts
3Northamptonshire3525 pts
4Shropshire3754 pts