Track & Field Cup 2017

Round 1 : Warwickshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1340Kenilworth School and Sports College, Kenilworth
2298Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby
3252Myton School, Warwick
4214Southam College, Southam
5201Princethorpe College, Rugby

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1399Rugby School, Rugby
2377Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby
3343Kenilworth School and Sports College, Kenilworth
4332Princethorpe College, Rugby
5186Southam College, Southam

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1306Stratford Girls' Grammar School, Stratford-upon-Avon
2276Southam College, Southam
3255Myton School, Warwick
3255King's High School, Warwick
5243The Kingsley School, Leamington Spa
6236Kenilworth School and Sports College, Kenilworth
7234Princethorpe College, Rugby
8152Rugby High School, Rugby

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1352Rugby School, Rugby
2297King's High School, Warwick
3287Myton School, Warwick
4245Stratford Girls' Grammar School, Stratford-upon-Avon
5240Kenilworth School and Sports College, Kenilworth
6207Rugby High School, Rugby
7196The Kingsley School, Leamington Spa
8175Southam College, Southam
9159Princethorpe College, Rugby