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County Championships

Preliminary information

This page will be updated regularly in the run up to the Championships - depending on how your browser is set up you may need to click your refresh button to get the latest additions.

The 87th ESAA Track & Field Championships will be held at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th July 2017.

How to get there

You can find all things to do with the stadium from the Alexander Stadium website.

Travel directions are simple: take Junction 7 off the M6, then follow the A34 towards Birmingham for a couple of miles.

Satnav users can enter postcode B42 2LR as the destination.

TV coverage

The event will not be televised this year, however it will be streamed online by VINCO.

Event Locations


Because of the size of the Championships, it is impossible to hold all field events within the arena. Some will be held in the field adjacent to the Stadium. See the FAQs page for further details about why this is necessary.

Some hurdles heats on Friday morning will be run concurrently - the back straight will be used to run hurdles heats at the same time as other events on the front straight, these will be shown (BS) in the timetable. Heats run on the back straight will start at the 100m point and run towards the 200m point - ie. the opposite direction to those run on the front straight.

The indoor track in the High Performance Centre will be used for the call up area and athletes' warm-up.

Seating and access to stands

Athletes will be allocated to the upper tier of the stand overlooking the back straight. County results distribution will be in the foyer underneath this stand.

The bottom tier of the back straight stand will be a mixed zone where members of the public will be able to view back straight events. Spectators will have access to all other seating areas in all stands and terraces.

As a result of the recent terror attacks, the Local Authority will be implementing bag checks and spectators must comply with this request to gain entrance to the stadium.

Important Rule Change from 2016 onwards

The rule for false starts for Seniors only will now conform to the current UKA rule where athletes will be immediately disqualified if they break early. Juniors and Inters will remain with the 'old' rule (see below).

Timetable of Events

The timetable is now available as a PDF file.

All competitors will be issued with the full printed programme which will be on sale at the Championships. It is the ESAA policy not to publish the full programme on the website - sales of programmes with the sponsors' advertising they contain are a major source of income without which the Championships could not be held.

Please see the FAQs page for further details and answers to many other Frequently Asked Questions about the Championships and the timetable.

Official Accreditation

Everyone at the event must carry either an accreditation pass, or a ticket. Anyone else will be refused admission to any area. Only officially accredited persons are allowed in restricted areas. Restricted areas include the following:
  • Competition areas - restricted to accredited athletes taking part in events, officials, and accredited photographers
  • Warm-up area - restricted to accredited athletes with an event within 30 minutes, and accredited team stewards
  • Call up area - restricted to accredited athletes with an event within 20 minutes
  • Athletes stand area - restricted to accredited athletes, and accredited team stewards
Note that club coaches / family / friends etc. are not allowed in the restricted areas. Athletes are not allowed in the public stand areas unless they hold a valid ticket. Parents / friends wishing to meet athletes may do so in the open ground areas.

Accreditation is limited to ESAA staff and pupil assistants, County team managers and their stewards, competing athletes, reporters from recognised press organisations, and officially appointed photographers. All others are required to buy a ticket - this includes club coaches, personal trainers etc.


Tickets can be ordered online via the Midland Counties website. Online ticket facilities are supplied via their own provider - if you have any queries about tickets please contact them directly.

Two Day Pass

Concession tickets are for Students in full time education, People aged 60+ years, Children Under 16 years of age and anyone Registered Disabled (and their carer).

Pre-booked programmes: £4.00

Tickets can also be bought at the stadium on the day. Programmes on the day are £5.00.

Car Parking

Public parking is in the Perry Park field adjacent to the stadium, accessed from Church Road and will be clearly signposted from all directions.
There will be £5 charge per car, cash only. This charge also applies to people with concession tickets.

Disabled Facilities

Disabled parking is at the top of the field, at the closest point to the stadium. The stadium has dedicated wheelchair areas in the Nelson and Back straight stands plus the usual disabled facilities. Further information about facilities can be found on the Alexander Stadium website and at, although some of the information given there will not be valid for the Championships, in particular the car park in front of the entrance will not be available..

If you have any queries or special requirements please contact the stadium directly, details are on their website.

Competition Rules

Please read the Competition Rules for information about weights, distances, heat and lane draws and all other things to do with the way events are run. You can find the rules from the link on the home page. There are two sets of rules: General Rules for all competitions, and Rules for Track & Field Competitions, you need to read both sets.

Permissible Clothing

The ESAA Competition Rule 7 [i.e. that applies to ALL ESAA competitions] in the ESAA Handbook states:
  1. In all Championships competitors must wear at least vest and shorts (or equivalent clothing) in registered County Colours which are clean and so designed and worn, as not to be objectionable even if wet. All visible clothing must conform with registered County colours.

To deal with some specific queries therefore:
  • Cropped bra tops are not vests by definition and therefore not permitted. Vests by definition must reach the waist at least.
  • Shorts or briefs (in county colours) are the norm for girls. Similarly cycle type lycra shorts, as long as they are shorts and not leggings, are permitted, but only if they are in the registered County colours (not just an approximation of the colours).
  • Leggings by definition covering the leg below the knee, and body suits, are not vests or shorts and are therefore not permitted.
The main problems in the past have been the wearing of cycle type shorts that are not in County colours, and worn under the correct coloured shorts but clearly visible. This especially applies to the boys where the cycle type shorts are longer that the County shorts. However, if the shorts are the lycra type and do not cover the knees then these are allowed, as long as they are in the registered County colours (ie. the same colour as the County colours, not an approximation to them). The pictures here indicate the sort of clothing that will result in athletes not being allowed to compete.


Results from the Championships will appear on the website during the course of the competition. Links to them will appear in the menu on the left. Results pages will appear automatically as soon a each result is available, frequently within just a few seconds of a race finishing. Since this can only be done use mobile internet connections this service cannot be guaranteed - with over 9,000 people on site using mobile phones there could be significant delays in transmitting data, however the system worked extremely well in the last few years with results being available online before the first paper copy emerged from the printer.

Results for County Team Managers will be available for collection in the space under the back straight stand, this year we'll be printing just one copy per team. Results will not be available for public sale - we are relying on electronic distribution this year, they'll also be displayed on a big-screen TV, on the internet, and a copy will be displayed in the foyer underneath the back straight stand.

There will be many styles of results pages available during the course of the event:

  • Instant results for each round of each event, together with qualifiers for the next round
  • Complete results for each age group for web page display - updated every few hours or so when possible
  • Simple text listings of results for press to use in their reports
After the event, probably late on the Monday, the following will be published here:
  • PDF files of complete results, ready for printing on A4
  • PDF file of complete results ready for printing in an A5 booklet
  • PDF files for each field event, showing the field cards giving details of every attempt together with windspeeds

Mobile phone users: We aim to publish results online immediately as they become available. We have set up a quick link to results at which bypasses the home page, so mobile users can get quicker access. The current link points to results from last year but will be updated to point to this year's results at the start of the Championships.


The circular track is an eight lane 400 metres track. All track events will be held on the main arena. Some hurdles heats will be held on the back straight on Friday morning - they will be denoted BS in the timetable.

The Pole Vault will be located in the main arena on the back straight, along with Javelin, Shot, and Long/Triple Jump and High Jump competition sites. Hammer and most Discus events will be located in the fields outside the main Stadium. Some Discus events may take place in the centre of the arena depending on the number of entries received in each age group. Vaulting poles will not be provided. Starting blocks will be provided for those events where they are permitted and only these starting blocks will be allowed. Starting blocks may be used by Senior Boys and Senior Girls in all rounds, and in Finals only by Juniors and Intermediates.

The maximum length of spike for all track events is 6 mm, and 9mm for the field events.

Throwing equipment will be provided for all events. Competitors may use their own implements, subject to the implement being approved by the Field Referee. (ESAA Track and Field Competition Rule 29). Please note that any individual athlete may submit no more than two implements for approval. All personal equipment should be adequately insured. The ESAA insure all equipment during the actual competition but this is not a 'blanket cover' for the whole championships.

False Starts

For Juniors and Intermediates the ESAA uses the 'old' method of determining false starts. In this context, old might depend on your age!

For schools' events, the rule is that if any athlete makes a false start, they will be warned that if they make another false start they will be disqualified. The fact that one athlete makes a false start does not affect the status of any other athlete.

The current UKA rule where a false start results in immediate disqualification will apply to Seniors only.

Heat Allocations and Qualifications for Subsequent Rounds

Heat allocation and second round progression follows EA event seeding guidelines.

Entry List of Athletes

Every effort is made to be accurate when typing athletes' names but inevitably some mistakes occur from time to time as names can be passed on via many different people before they reach us.

This year we once again used our scheme which enables athletes to register their own details online to ensure that their names are spelled correctly so hopefully most names should be correct.

The entries for each County are published here. You are asked to check the spelling of your name - if it is wrong here, it will be wrong everywhere else: in the programme, on teeshirts, on your accreditation pass, in the results, in the press. You will have just until 10am on Thursday 22nd June to notify us of any errors, after that time the relevant information will be passed on to the programme printers, teeshirt printers, and accreditation pass printers and it will then be too late to change anything. Any errors notified to us after that time, up to 6th July, will be incorporated into the results.

If you find any error, please use the contact us button on the main menu and give the correct spelling together with your County, age group, and event - but please only do this once. Corrections will be noted and our event files will be modified accordingly, but because of the high volume of other mail we get in the run up to the Championships we don't have time to acknowledge each mail individually. The team lists shown online here won't be regularly updated with spelling changes after 25th June - this is because the data used to produce these files will already have been split across many other administration and results programs, across many different organisations, and consequently we only have time to edit the files we actually need in order to go forwards.

Please DO NOT CONTACT US REPEATEDLY about spelling changes - we won't have time to reply, and we frequently get 3, 4 or more emails relating to the same spelling error. Our results administration files will be updated, but the lists shown here won't be.

Click your County to view your team.

These lists also include reserves, they do not list just the selected athletes.
The lists shown here are purely to allow athletes to check spellings, they are not a list of the selected team.

Your name appearing here does not mean that you have been selected,
however, if your name does NOT appear in these lists, you have definitely NOT been selected.

Avon,    Bedfordshire,    Berkshire,    Buckinghamshire,    Cambridgeshire,    Cheshire,    Channel Islands,    Cleveland,    Cornwall,    Cumbria,    Derbyshire,    Devon,    Dorset,    Durham,    Essex,    Gloucestershire,    Gtr Manchester,    Hampshire,    Hereford & Worcestershire,    Hertfordshire,    Humberside,    Isle of Man,    Kent,    Lancashire,    Leicestershire,    Lincolnshire,    London,    Merseyside,    Middlesex,    Northamptonshire,    Northumberland,    Norfolk,    Nottinghamshire,    North Yorkshire,    Oxfordshire,    Shropshire,    Somerset,    Staffordshire,    Suffolk,    South Yorkshire,    Surrey,    Sussex,    Warwickshire,    West Midlands,    West Yorkshire,    Wiltshire,   

Team Travel Arrangements

The Championships are a team event, not an event for individuals. Athletes must travel with and remain with their team for the entire duration of the Championships. It is not permitted for them to travel with parents or others, nor to leave the team accommodation facilities. Athletes are under the care and control of teachers throughout the Championships. Further details relating to competing in ESAA events can be found in the Notes for Parents document. Most Counties will ask you to read and understand this document as part of their selection process.


Athlete accommodation is normally in hotels or University Halls of Residence, supervised by their team managers - the exact location will be contained in the the letter which will be sent to each team member by the County Team Manager.

These facilities are not open to the general public / friends / family. Athletes must remain with their team at all times - failure to comply with this rule will lead to disqualification from this event, and possibly future events too.


Photographs of ESAA events are published in the athletics press, local media, on this website. All ESAA photographs are taken in accordance with the guidelines relating to photos in schools published by the Information Commissioner with regard to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Photographs and videos can be taken by the public from public areas for personal use only. They may not be published in any form (including personal or club websites) without written permission from the ESAA.

Photographers at ESAA events wishing to publish photos in the media or in any other form (eg. internet websites), or wishing to use them for anything other than personal use must be officially registered and accredited by the ESAA. A list of officially accredited photographers will be published on this website shortly after the event along with their contact details.

A selection of photos will also be published on this website if we have sufficient time - it will be possible to buy copies of the original image files at a nominal cost. We cannot guarantee this though, we have a limited number of staff available and their other duties will always take priority.

Access to competition areas for the purpose of taking photographs is restricted to ESAA accredited photographers only. This rule will be strictly enforced.

It is not possible to prevent photographs of any particular individual from appearing in the media. If this is a problem for you, you are advised not to take part in the event. If any parent wishes a particular picture of their child appearing on this website to be removed please use the contact the ESAA option on the home page to let us know, and we will do our best to resolve any problem.