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These lists include all spelling corrections notified to us by noon on Sunday 21st February
and are shown simply to allow you to check the spellings of names.
This list will not be updated any more, but any spelling corrections notified before 3rd March
will be incorporated into the results.

Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day.

Wiltshire Entries

Junior Boys

Rory Howorth, Daniel Poynting, Jordan Murray, Max Sockett, William Morris, Robert Croager, Thomas Musselwhite, James Pickford,

Intermediate Boys

Hayden Bailey, Otto Copping, Henry Dixon, Dan Davies, Freddie Webb, Jack Bennett, Joe Castle, James Wright, Ethan Pierce,

Senior Boys

Elliot Lassiter, Cameron Perkins, Jacob Bacon, Aidan Daniel, Dan Shepherd, Jacob Payne, Will Stockey, Sam Rockett, Jay Painter,

Junior Girls

Abigail Burn, Sophie Smith, India Ibbotson, Katie Robinson, Louise Webb, Megan Poole, Susannah Hurst, Isabella Goulding, Davina Grey,

Intermediate Girls

Caitlin Wosika, Jade Littlechild, Caroline Brenchley, Chloe Hayward, Lucy Buffham, Chloe Crippen, Katie Strange, Catriona Edington, Lucy Fitzpatrick,

Senior Girls

Gemma Sheppard, Elen Lindsay, Issy Dickson, Africa Wyles Saracibar, Hannah Thomas, Edith Brazier, Emma Pike, Kiera Reavill, Lexy Byrdge,

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