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These lists include all spelling corrections notified to us by noon on Sunday 21st February
and are shown simply to allow you to check the spellings of names.
This list will not be updated any more, but any spelling corrections notified before 3rd March
will be incorporated into the results.

Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day.

Oxfordshire Entries

Junior Boys

Henry Insley, Harvey Bell, Edward Beamont-Dickety, Adam Ede, Hal Burtenshaw, Sonny McPherson, Connor Keen, Josh Newton-Errey,

Intermediate Boys

Will Crisp, Nick Wiltshire, Benjamin West, Archie Scott, Harry Roe, Jack Shayler, Calum Steer, Tom Nike, Josh Crichton, Adam Blackwell,

Senior Boys

Danny Ray, Alexander Miell-Ingram, Jonty De La Harpe, Ivo Brown, Jeevan Grewal, Nat Jones, Gregor Kelling, Ed Gronbech, Tom Gould,

Junior Girls

Morgan Hanson, Daisy Palmer, Beth Darwent, Anna Petite, Amy Gould, Molly Levene, Rachel Burton, Mieke Bedlington, Charlotte Merson, Hannah Betts,

Intermediate Girls

Jamie Garry, Emily Thompson, Katie Scott, Rose Lord, Lucy Gotta, Chloe Ridewood, Jessica Miller, Katharine Harris,

Senior Girls

Florence Wiggins, Fiona Bunn, Megan Humphreys, Storm Sunderland, Isabelle Rayner, Alice Wright, Flora Insley, Vicky Tilling,

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