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These lists include all spelling corrections notified to us by noon on Sunday 21st February
and are shown simply to allow you to check the spellings of names.
This list will not be updated any more, but any spelling corrections notified before 3rd March
will be incorporated into the results.

Teams comprise up to 12 entries, of which only 8 are allowed to run.
Your name appearing here DOES NOT MEAN that you have definitely been selected to run on the day.

Northamptonshire Entries

Junior Boys

Adam Caulfield, Archie Parkinson, Louis Jakobson, Trystan Barnett, Morgan Potter, Angus Threlfall, Jamie Walls, Luke Harris, Fergus Scott, Joshua Greenfield, Samuel Campion,

Intermediate Boys

Joshua Lay, Adam Searle, Fynn Batkin, James Minter, Joe Musgrove, Matthew Chronicle, Jake Trent, Muss-Ab Hassan, Sam Aris, Cameron Roberts, Josh Cannell, Alex King,

Senior Boys

Jack Hope, Jack Bond, Charlie Wheeler, Ben Musgrove, George Wheeler, Daniel Hynes, Harry Evett, George Roberts, Edward Wilson, Sam Jinks, Matthew Brookes, Doug Russell,

Junior Girls

Emily Williams, Molly Williams, Holly Walker, Abigail Pearce, Lucy Stevens, Eleanor Macintosh, Gabby Peck, Alice Gammon, Amelia McMurtrie, Olivia Reeves, Elysia Lay, Rose Cassidy,

Intermediate Girls

Tabatha Walford, Rhona Grant, Emer Wintsch, Amy Walker, Sophie Moss, Poppy Carmichael, Niamh Watson, Danielle McCann-Gaskell, Chloe Hearne, Bethan Lewis, Mollie Watson, Charis Hayes,

Senior Girls

Claudia Nevett, Rebecca Leadbeater, Emma Bond, Lily Carmichael, Ella Palmer, Kirsty Goddard, Hannah Winstone, Elana Albery, Amelia Cookson, Ciara Moore,

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