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Inter-County Results

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Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Kent996 pts
2Surrey1001 pts
3Hampshire and Vectis1420 pts
4Essex1642 pts
5Hertfordshire1860 pts
6Greater Manchester1944 pts
7Lancashire2043 pts
8Sussex2209 pts
9Middlesex2367 pts
10West Midlands2598 pts
11West Yorkshire2650 pts
12Merseyside2818 pts
13London2916 pts

Coventry Trophy
1North Yorkshire1639 pts
2Berkshire1805 pts
3Devon1923 pts
4Leicestershire & Rutland1969 pts
5Buckinghamshire2106 pts
6South Yorkshire2281 pts
7Derbyshire2440 pts
8Northumberland2584 pts
9Suffolk2678 pts
10Durham2700 pts
11Avon2990 pts
12Nottinghamshire3201 pts
13Hereford & Worcestershire3655 pts
14Humberside4417 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Cambridgeshire1943 pts
2Cumbria2011 pts
3Somerset2051 pts
4Norfolk2395 pts
5Northamptonshire2785 pts
6Dorset2906 pts
7Gloucestershire3031 pts
8Shropshire3319 pts
9Wiltshire3832 pts
10Lincolnshire3849 pts
11Bedfordshire3862 pts
12Warwickshire4322 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1Surrey823 pts
2Kent843 pts
3Hampshire and Vectis1091 pts
4Essex1405 pts
5London1640 pts
6Merseyside1707 pts
7Greater Manchester1871 pts
8Sussex2131 pts
9Middlesex2243 pts
10West Yorkshire2289 pts
11West Midlands2698 pts
12Hertfordshire2978 pts
13Lancashire3300 pts

Durham Trophy
1Berkshire1264 pts
2Leicestershire & Rutland1421 pts
3Avon2036 pts
4Suffolk2272 pts
5Cheshire2462 pts
6Nottinghamshire2538 pts
7Northumberland2624 pts
8Devon2657 pts
9Hereford & Worcestershire2855 pts
10Buckinghamshire2880 pts
11North Yorkshire2969 pts
12Durham3138 pts
13Humberside4147 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Dorset1999 pts
2Cambridgeshire2093 pts
3Cumbria2376 pts
4Norfolk2830 pts
5Somerset2854 pts
6Northamptonshire2951 pts
7Gloucestershire2952 pts
8Shropshire3049 pts
9Lincolnshire3460 pts
10Oxfordshire3529 pts
11Wiltshire3889 pts