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Senior Boys Results

100m       R1     R2     F
200m       R1     F
400m       R1     F
800m       R1     F
1500m       R1     F
3000m       F
110m H       R1     F
400m H       R1     F
2000m S/C       F
4x100m Relay       R1     F
High Jump       F
Long Jump       F
Triple Jump       F
Pole Vault       F
Shot       F
Discus       F
Javelin       F
Hammer       F
Senior Boys 100 metres - Round 1
First 4 and 4 fastest losers to Round 2
ES: 11.10 NS: 10.90 BP: 10.37
Heat 1 - wind: +0.5
166Zack SmithOxford11.05es
280Rhys TurnerSussex11.09es
373Bret OkekeStaff11.13
444Alexander MarsdenLancs11.31
526Gregory VenyoDurham11.31
638Nick StewartHerts11.31
775Owen GiddingsSuff11.43
Heat 2 - wind: +0.7
138AEden DavisHerts10.81ns
241Camron LyttleKent10.91es
357Rico EwerNhants10.97es
479Jake BinnsSussex11.05es
584AJosiah HyacinthWMid11.21
626ATom MetcalfeDurham11.28
744AAlex ObiorahLancs11.45
Heat 3 - wind: +0.5
153Kesi OludoyiMidd11.02es
236Cody CookeH&Wor11.14
325Ben ToddDurham11.23
484Martin WilliamsWMid11.26
556Ben Matsuka-WilliamsNorf11.40
63Emmanuel OwolabiBeds11.41
37Dom AshwellHertsdns
Heat 4 - wind: +0.3
149Shamar Thomas-CampbellLondon10.90ns
243Elliot JonesLancs10.94es
365Matthew JohnsonOxford10.99es
454Niall BevanMidd11.15
572Derrius GreenawaySYork11.22
623Scott RutterDorset11.22
755Kieran ShahNorf11.32
833Jack DaviesHamp11.59
Heat 5 - wind: +1.1
161Andrew Morgan-HarrisonNYork10.95es
285Alfie WestWYork11.12
389Damilola WilliamsChIs11.15
487Will KennedyWilts11.28
536ATom KenwrightH&Wor11.29
639Eliot GayHumb11.58
731Emmanuel MukaManch12.05
83Ben TukaWMiddns
Qualifiers for Round 2
Heat 1
184AJosiah HyacinthWMid
272Derrius GreenawaySYork
361Andrew Morgan-HarrisonNYork
453Kesi OludoyiMidd
585Alfie WestWYork
636Cody CookeH&Wor
725Ben ToddDurham
879Jake BinnsSussex
Heat 2
187Will KennedyWilts
226ATom MetcalfeDurham
365Matthew JohnsonOxford
443Elliot JonesLancs
541Camron LyttleKent
638AEden DavisHerts
773Bret OkekeStaff
884Martin WilliamsWMid
Heat 3
144Alexander MarsdenLancs
223Scott RutterDorset
357Rico EwerNhants
480Rhys TurnerSussex
549Shamar Thomas-CampbellLondon
666Zack SmithOxford
789Damilola WilliamsChIs
854Niall BevanMidd
ESAA Track & Field Championships -Gateshead - 8th / 9th July 2016
result printed at 12:37:15 on 08/07/16