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Junior Girls Results

100m       R1     SF     F
200m       R1     F
800m       R1     F
1500m       R1     F
75m H       R1     SF     F
4x100m Relay       R1     F
High Jump       F
Long Jump       F
Pole Vault       F
Shot       F
Discus       F
Javelin       F
Hammer       F
Junior Girls 100 metres - Round 1
First 3 and 4 fastest losers to Round 2
ES: 12.80 NS: 12.50 BP: 11.58
Heat 1 - wind: -0.7 (
150AShania UmahLondon12.6 es
278Ayoola BabalolaSurrey12.6 es
339Amelia BuntonHumb12.7 es
45Chante WilliamsBerks13.0
581Lucy WheelerWarks13.1
659Charlotte RichardsonNland13.4
Heat 2 - wind: -0.7 (
147Amy HuntLincs12.3 ns
231Trinity Perruzza-PowellManch12.3 ns
350Awa NdiayeLondon12.3 ns
485Ese OgievaWYork12.8 es
536Beth LloydH&Wor13.0
619Lois Amott-DowningDerby13.2
77Tyanna DaleBucks13.8
Heat 3 - wind: -0.6 (
125Rachel BennettDurham12.3 ns
283Lauryn WalkerWMid12.5 ns
377Toni BryanSurrey12.7 es
43Olivia RussellBeds12.8 es
535Florence IkpemeH&Wor12.9
651Beth LaidlawMersey13.2
Heat 4 - wind: -0.1 (
149Nayanna Dubarry-GayLondon12.4 ns
227Eve WrightEssex12.6 es
357Mary Beetham-GreenNhants12.7 es
411Mia LowndesChesh12.7 es
575Hannah LygoSuff12.9
653Latifah Harris-OsmanMidd13.0
Qualifiers for Round 2
Semi-final A
175Hannah LygoSuff
211Mia LowndesChesh
331Trinity Perruzza-PowellManch
450AShania UmahLondon
547Amy HuntLincs
627Eve WrightEssex
750Awa NdiayeLondon
877Toni BryanSurrey
Semi-final B
185Ese OgievaWYork
23Olivia RussellBeds
383Lauryn WalkerWMid
478Ayoola BabalolaSurrey
549Nayanna Dubarry-GayLondon
625Rachel BennettDurham
739Amelia BuntonHumb
857Mary Beetham-GreenNhants
ESAA Track & Field Championships -Gateshead - 8th / 9th July 2016
result printed at 12:40:05 on 08/07/16