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Intermediate Girls Results

100m       R1     SF     F
200m       R1     SF     F
300m       R1     F
800m       R1     F
1500m       R1     F
3000m       F
80m H       R1     F
300m H       R1     F
1500m S/C       F
4x100m Relay       R1     F
High Jump       F
Long Jump       R1     F
Triple Jump       F
Pole Vault       F
Shot       R1     F
Discus       F
Javelin       F
Hammer       F
Inter Girls 100 metres - Round 1
First 2 and 6 fastest losers to Round 2
ES: 12.60 NS: 12.30 BP: 11.50
Heat 1 - wind: -0.4
119Emily CoopeDerby12.29ns
227Joy OgunleyeEssex12.66
371Ella RobertsSYork12.67
454Amy HillierMidd12.73
539Amelia BensonHumb12.78
673Ellie ShawStaff12.97
736AHannah KenwrightH&Wor13.16
Heat 2 - wind: +0.3
177Olivia OkoliSurrey12.00ns
253Erika YeboahMidd12.36es
365Abbey AnsonOxford12.38es
475Caitlin O'ReillySuff12.53es
523Pippa HineDorset12.92
672Brodie JonesSYork13.09
Heat 3 - wind: -0.1
178Charmont Webster-TapeSurrey11.92ns
283Cassie-Ann PembertonWMid12.14ns
359Nicola CaygillNland12.44es
485Leonie AshmeadeWYork12.46es
551Taylor HarryMersey12.96
11Ellie JacksonCheshdns
Heat 4 - wind: +1.3
142Magda CiencialaKent12.26ns
278ATosin SalamiSurrey12.38es
354AChinewe IwunzeMidd12.52es
440Hannah KynmanHumb12.59es
564Sophie MillsNotts12.70
689Abigail GalpinChIs12.78
736Cara ClarkeH&Wor12.97
Heat 5 - wind: +1.4
141Immanuela AliuKent12.09ns
233Ellie HodgsonHamp12.45es
39Maisey SnaithCamb12.46es
479Moyo OlokoSussex12.60es
560Jessica Young-RogersNland12.62
661Sola SowoleNYork12.70
735Megan TurtonH&Wor12.99
Qualifiers for Round 2
Semi-final A
175Caitlin O'ReillySuff
29Maisey SnaithCamb
383Cassie-Ann PembertonWMid
453Erika YeboahMidd
577Olivia OkoliSurrey
641Immanuela AliuKent
727Joy OgunleyeEssex
865Abbey AnsonOxford
Semi-final B
185Leonie AshmeadeWYork
254AChinewe IwunzeMidd
319Emily CoopeDerby
478ATosin SalamiSurrey
542Magda CiencialaKent
678Charmont Webster-TapeSurrey
759Nicola CaygillNland
833Ellie HodgsonHamp
ESAA Track & Field Championships -Gateshead - 8th / 9th July 2016
result printed at 12:35:16 on 08/07/16