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This facility is no longer supported by ESAA.

Inter Boys 400 metres Hurdles - Round 1
First 3 and 2 fastest losers to final
ES: 58.00 NS: 56.20 BP: 52.63
Heat 1
1Ben LloydHerts55.71ns
2Ben HigginsLeics56.08ns
3Joshua FauldsWarks57.25es
4Nathan LangleyNotts57.81es
5Isaac MilhamKent58.10
6Joseph CollinsWilts58.91
7Jamie LambertSussex60.40
Heat 2
1Seamus DerbyshireStaff57.21es
2Karl JohnsonEssex58.08
3Lewis DaveyLincs58.55
4Joss MoffattNotts59.45
5George BlakeKent59.57
6Cliff SchwabauerSomer60.22
7Joe BaconCorn60.67
8Toby GlassChIs61.07
Qualifiers for Final
1Isaac MilhamKent
2Nathan LangleyNotts
3Ben HigginsLeics
4Karl JohnsonEssex
5Ben LloydHerts
6Seamus DerbyshireStaff
7Joshua FauldsWarks
8Lewis DaveyLincs
ESAA Track & Field Championships -Gateshead - 8th / 9th July 2016
result printed at 16:11:22 on 08/07/16