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County Results

South Yorkshire
Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Kent853 pts
2Hampshire and Vectis886 pts
3Surrey1363 pts
4Hertfordshire1364 pts
5Essex1699 pts
6Greater Manchester1871 pts
7West Yorkshire2037 pts
8Lancashire2287 pts
9Merseyside2310 pts
10London2355 pts
11West Midlands2408 pts

Coventry Trophy
1Berkshire1303 pts
2North Yorkshire1684 pts
3Leicestershire & Rutland1925 pts
4Suffolk2085 pts
5South Yorkshire2282 pts
6Buckinghamshire2465 pts
7Devon2628 pts
8Derbyshire2853 pts
9Northumberland2901 pts
10Durham2949 pts
11Staffordshire3397 pts
12Hereford & Worcestershire3573 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Somerset2123 pts
2Cambridgeshire2233 pts
3Dorset2506 pts
4Northamptonshire2888 pts
5Gloucestershire2919 pts
6Cumbria2947 pts
7Shropshire3078 pts
8Bedfordshire3178 pts
9Cleveland3273 pts
10Lincolnshire3799 pts
11Warwickshire4478 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1Surrey792 pts
2Hampshire and Vectis935 pts
3Kent1071 pts
4Essex1139 pts
5London1455 pts
6Greater Manchester1766 pts
7Merseyside1979 pts
8Lancashire2052 pts
9West Yorkshire2112 pts
10Sussex2462 pts
11Middlesex2472 pts
12Hertfordshire2901 pts

Durham Trophy
1Berkshire1788 pts
2Northumberland2020 pts
3South Yorkshire2059 pts
4Leicestershire & Rutland2093 pts
5North Yorkshire2146 pts
6Avon2541 pts
7Devon2651 pts
8Nottinghamshire2670 pts
9Derbyshire2703 pts
10Cheshire2827 pts
11Hereford & Worcestershire2846 pts
12Suffolk3168 pts
13Buckinghamshire3279 pts
14Durham3490 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Somerset1632 pts
2Dorset2137 pts
3Cumbria2246 pts
4Cambridgeshire2279 pts
5Oxfordshire2606 pts
6Northamptonshire2800 pts
7Cleveland3294 pts
8Wiltshire3442 pts
9Gloucestershire3455 pts
10Lincolnshire3497 pts
11Norfolk3524 pts
12Shropshire3609 pts