Track & Field Cup 2015

Round 1 : Northamptonshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1388Northampton School for Boys, Northampton
2378Campion School, Northampton
3309Sponne School, Towcester
4304Magdalen College School, Brackley
5300Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1462Northampton School for Boys, Northampton
2392Thomas Becket Catholic School, Northampton
3366Campion School, Northampton
4364Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton
5363Sponne School, Towcester
6246Magdalen College School, Brackley
7191Lodge Park Academy, Corby

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1308Magdalen College School, Brackley
2286Sponne School, Towcester
3285Campion School, Northampton
4270Moulton School and Science College, Northampton
5227Northampton High School, Northampton
6207Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1285Sponne School, Towcester
2248Moulton School and Science College, Northampton
3241Magdalen College School, Brackley
4236Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton
5223Campion School, Northampton
6194Northampton High School, Northampton
7145Thomas Becket Catholic School, Northampton
8144Lodge Park Academy, Corby