Key Details

Dates for 2014

First Rounds : between Monday 6th and Friday 10th October
Regional Finals : Saturday 8th November
Cup Final : Saturday 29th November

Event Brochure

This year we are not posting any information to schools because it is now too costly. Instead we'll be emailing all secondary school offices, and all the teachers who are already known to us. The email we send will include a security code you need in order to access the online entry form. You need to download the event brochure - click the Event Brochure button.

Cup Final Location

Newquay Tretherras Academy, Cornwall

Age groups

Juniors (under 14)
Intermediates (under 16)


Entries must be made online only.

Entries Close

Sunday 15th June 2014.

The ESAA Cross Country Cup is a competition between school teams

A brochure is produced each year giving full details of the Cup Competition - download a copy from the menu on the left.

Each school can enter one team in each of the following age groups:

  • Junior Boys (at least 12, but under 14 years)
  • Junior Girls (at least 12, but under 14 years)
  • Intermediate Boys (at least 14, but under 16 years)
  • Intermediate Girls (at least 14, but under 16 years)
Ages are as at 31st August at the end of the school year in which the competition is held.
Normally Juniors are years 7 & 8, and Intermediates are years 9 & 10. Don't forget that the years advance by one during the summer holidays, so when entering now you will be looking to take the current years 6 & 7, and 8 & 9 to the competition in October, ie. U14 must be under 14 on 31st August 2015, and U16 must be under 16 on 31st August 2015.

The competition is held in 3 rounds

  • Preliminary rounds are held between teams within each County - there may be a number of competitions held within each County depending on the number of teams entered.
  • At least 2 teams in each first round competition progress to one of 8 Regional Finals.
  • At least 2 teams from each Regional Final then progress to the Cup Final.

Each team can nominate 6 athletes to run, of which the first 4 finishing count towards team scores.


Entering teams, and all event administration, is now done online, we can no longer afford to post anything. In order to access the online entry form you need:
  • either a security code which will be given on the flyer which is emailed to all secondary schools during the last two weeks in April,
  • or you need to enter an email address and password which has previously been used to make an entry, you can request us to send you your password from the entry form page if you've forgotten it.

Finally, if you don't receive your emailed flyer by the first week in May, please use the contact the ESAA facility on the home page to request your code - you need to give us sufficient evidence that you are a teacher in a school in England, using your school email address is one good way for us to verify that. Please wait until May to give time for our email to reach you before requesting a code by this means.