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South Yorkshire

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South East
Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Hampshire and Vectis837 pts
2Kent908 pts
3Hertfordshire1123 pts
4Surrey1197 pts
5Lancashire1756 pts
6Sussex2004 pts
7West Yorkshire2013 pts
8Greater Manchester2042 pts
9Essex2147 pts
10Merseyside2337 pts
11London2412 pts
12Middlesex2534 pts
13West Midlands3917 pts

Coventry Trophy
1North Yorkshire1474 pts
2Leicestershire & Rutland1651 pts
3Berkshire1711 pts
4South Yorkshire2028 pts
5Cheshire2076 pts
6Suffolk2232 pts
7Devon2399 pts
8Avon2621 pts
9Hereford & Worcestershire2664 pts
10Northumberland2793 pts
11Derbyshire2916 pts
12Staffordshire3051 pts
13Humberside4484 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Bedfordshire1795 pts
2Somerset2288 pts
3Shropshire2433 pts
4Cambridgeshire2777 pts
5Dorset2981 pts
6Cumbria3063 pts
7Lincolnshire3208 pts
8Northamptonshire3264 pts
9Oxfordshire3426 pts
10Warwickshire3614 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1Surrey652 pts
2Essex1035 pts
3Kent1195 pts
4Hampshire and Vectis1282 pts
5West Yorkshire1569 pts
6London1741 pts
7Greater Manchester1742 pts
8Sussex1896 pts
9Merseyside2110 pts
10West Midlands2385 pts
11Lancashire2436 pts
12Hertfordshire2517 pts
13Middlesex2864 pts

Durham Trophy
1Berkshire1628 pts
2North Yorkshire1956 pts
3Leicestershire & Rutland2003 pts
4South Yorkshire2121 pts
5Cheshire2195 pts
6Devon2319 pts
7Durham2389 pts
8Avon2418 pts
9Buckinghamshire2829 pts
10Nottinghamshire2857 pts
11Northumberland2863 pts
12Suffolk2923 pts
13Hereford & Worcestershire3062 pts
14Humberside4157 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Somerset1607 pts
2Cambridgeshire2536 pts
3Dorset2564 pts
4Lincolnshire2844 pts
5Bedfordshire3044 pts
6Wiltshire3062 pts
7Oxfordshire3388 pts
8Northamptonshire3469 pts
9Norfolk3686 pts
10Cleveland3858 pts
11Warwickshire3964 pts
12Shropshire4232 pts