Track & Field Cup 2014

Round 1 : Oxfordshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1311Magdalen College School, Oxford
2306Blessed George Napier, Banbury
3298Lord Williams's School, Thame
4257Abingdon School, Abingdon
563Heyford Park Free School, Upper Heyford

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1394Blessed George Napier, Banbury
2371Lord Williams's School, Thame
3370Abingdon School, Abingdon
4351Magdalen College School, Oxford

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1315St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon
2303Headington School, Oxford
3260Blessed George Napier, Banbury
4230Lord Williams's School, Thame
5210Heyford Park Free School, Upper Heyford
6121Tudor Hall School, Banbury

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1341St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon
2337Headington School, Oxford
3282Lord Williams's School, Thame
4206Tudor Hall School, Banbury