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Junior Girls Results

100m       R1     SF     F
200m       R1     SF     F
800m       R1     F
1500m       R1     F
75m H       R1     SF     F
4x100m Relay       R1     F
High Jump       F
Long Jump       F
Shot       F
Discus       F
Javelin       R1     F
Hammer       F
Junior Girls 100 metres - Round 2
First 3 and 2 fastest losers to final
ES: 12.80 NS: 12.60 BP: 11.58
Semi-final A - wind: +0.1 (
177Charmont Webster- TapeSurrey12.08ns
263Sharhnee SkervinNotts12.17ns
349Vera ChineduLondon12.31ns
419Emily CoopeDerby12.65es
572Megan ColbeckSYork12.69es
65Lara PleaceBerks12.74es
725Jazmine MossDurham12.88
853Amelia AlleyneMidd12.97
Semi-final B - wind: +0.1 (
111Kelly ChadwickChesh12.24ns
271Billie Jo HarrisSYork12.42ns
341Magda CiencialaKent12.57ns
478Natasha AlfredSurrey12.64es
531Regan WalkerManch12.82
623Pippa HineDorset12.97
76Isabella GilkesBerks12.99
886Anna DickieWYork13.13
Qualifiers for Final
119Emily CoopeDerby
249Vera ChineduLondon
311Kelly ChadwickChesh
471Billie Jo HarrisSYork
577Charmont Webster- TapeSurrey
663Sharhnee SkervinNotts
778Natasha AlfredSurrey
841Magda CiencialaKent
result printed at 10:36:05 on 12/07/14