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Canon Slade School, Bolton

Saturday 22nd March 2014

The SIAB International Cross Country is to take place at Canon Slade School, Bolton on Saturday 22nd March 2014.

This is an international competition at Junior and Intermediate age groups, held between England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. National teams are selected based on performances at the National Cross Country Championship on 15th March.

In order to make use of the facilities provided, there will also be a race for primary school girls and boys from the local area.

Travel Instructions

Course Venue: Canon Slade School, Bradshaw Brow, Bolton, BL2 3BP.

Click the map to get interactive maps and directions from where-ever you live. You can zoom in and out to whatever scale you like and get an aerial view of the surroundings. To get directions, click the 'routes' option, enter your own postcode as the starting address, and enter the destination postcode BL2 3BP.


11.45 pm - Officials Meeting
12.30 pm - Junior Girls3,500m
12.45 pm - Junior Boys4,500m
1.00 pm - Primary Girls1,500m
1.15pm - Primary Boys1,500m
1.30 pm - Intermediate Girls4,500m
2.00 pm - Intermediate Boys5,500m

Course Map

The course is over grassy playing fields situated on a plateau at the top of the hill, then with a beautiful scenic run through the forest which slopes away towards the western side. It makes for an very interesting and entertaining course. As is usual the organisers reserve the right to alter the courses and their lengths at the last minute depending on ground conditions on the day.

Small lap

START - A - B - C - D - FINISH

Large Lap

START - A - B - E - C - D - FINISH

Course Distances

Primary Races1 small lap1,500m
Junior Girls 1 small + large lap 3,500m
Junior Boys 2 small + 1 large Lap 4,600m
Inter Girls 2 small + 1 Large lap 4,600m
Inter Boys 3 Large laps 5,500m
course map

Team Lists


Junior Boys

Matthew Willis
Noah Armitage Hookes
James Puxty
Jesse Magorrian
Daniel Slater
Zakariya Mahamed
Reece Curtis
Jack Goddard

Junior Girls

Saskia Millard
Josie Czura
Sophie Hamilton
Maddie Deadman
Holly Page
Tilly Simpson
Lucy Miller
Mollie O'Sullivan

Intermediate Boys

Ben Dijkstra
Jamal Lewis
Alex Yee
Mahamed Mahamed
Will Battershill
Stephen Ferroni
James Gormley
Isaac Akers

Intermediate Girls

Harriet Knowles-Jones
Sabrina Sinha
Rosie Johnson
Grace Goddard
Georgia Fear
Niamh Brown
Morven Goodrum
Kate Waugh


Junior Boys

Ryan Gray
Adam Scott
Struan Paton
Euan Boyle
Joe Arnaud
Jonny Jackson
Andrew Moreland
George Rees

Junior Girls

Erin Wallace
Nikki Miller
Kate Gallagher
Lauren Dickson
Rona Tytler
Zaynah Aziz
Danielle Kelly
Holly Little

Intermediate Boys

Alex Carcas
Cameron Harris
Tristan Rees
Scott McKay
Scott Lisle
Jason McIntosh
Josh Kerr
Ben Greenwood

Intermediate Girls

Laura Stark
Kirstin Oakley
Lauren Fraser
Holly Still
Esme Stewart
Zoe Bates
Hannah Addison
Gillian Black


Junior Boys

Thomas Neshen
Rhys Jones
Luke Davies
Elliot Lawrence
Joseph Crutchley
Ryan Glyn Owen
James Vincent
Finn Bowie

Junior Girls

Lucy Davies
Jessica Wadey
Annwen Gammon
Abbie Williams
Holli Jehu
Naomi Reid
Kiara Frizelle
Isobel Dodd

Intermediate Boys

Jake Heyward
Christian Smith
Hassan Abdi
Gabriel Kay
Matthew Williams
Finn Thompson
Brychan Williams
Ashraf Liles

Intermediate Girls

Cari Hughes
Heidi Davies
Lily Davis
Ffion Quan
Jessica Bradley
Issy Morris
Caitlin Page
Bethan Evans


Junior Boys

Patrick Maher
James Gerard Maguire
Niall Harvey
Ciaran Patrick Brolly
Jarlath Jordan
Aaron Doherty
Aaron McGlynn
Peter Fegan

Junior Girls

Caoimhe Harrington
Jodie Lynam McCann
Nicola Tracy Duffy
Abigail McBroom
Laura Ward
Hana Blake
Laura Nicholson
Caelainn Rose McQuaid

Intermediate Boys

Kevin Mulcaire
Shane Hughes
Barry Keane
Peter Lynch
Stanley James Edgar
Christy Conlon
Fearghal Curtin
Cathal Doyle

Intermediate Girls

Rhona Joan Pierce
Clodagh O'Reilly
Fiona Everard
Emma O'Brien
Alanna Bate
Eimear Fitzpatrick
Aife McSheffrey
Isabel Carron


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